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2003 Updates

Oct. 23: Updated data on OMS Chassis page, added images in OMS Gallery, and added info on & images of OMS Twin Engine Car.
Oct. 07: Updated Quasar Chassis page & added Quasar Gallery.
Sept 22: Updated National Champions List.
May  09: Added Google site search at bottom of Home page, and articles on SportsRacer LMP, Cadillac LMP, Panoz LMP, and LMP 675.

May 05: Changed site logo on top of main frame.
Mar 25: Added LeGrand Gallery page 6, page 7, and page 8.
Mar 24: Added LeGrand Gallery 5; photos of David Bedard's LeGrand/Thorp.
Mar 20: Added 2002 Service Manual on Yamaha YZF R1 page.
Mar 11: Added David Bedard's article "History of my LeGrand Mk18" and link to the LeGrand chassis page.
Feb 27: Updated Merloy Chassis page, and Merloy Gallery Page 1.
Feb 20: Added 2002 rule files on Rules page.
Feb 01: Added a Van Diemen Photo Gallery page.
Jan 21: Added a link on the Videos page to the in car footage from Roger Cook's DSR at the Sebring National Race on 1/5/2003.
Jan 09: Added information to Ocelot Chassis page, a couple of Web Links, a Loki Chassis page, flat bottom rule photo.
Jan 04: Added sales brochure and copy of Racecar article to the Kokopelli Chassis page. Added bodywork construction article and introduction letter to traXstar Chassis page.

2002 Updates

July 17: Added Sorcerer Chassis Gallery page.
July 15: Added Spex Chassis Gallery page.
July 11: Updated WynnFurst Chassis page & added Merloy Chassis.
Apr 29: Added 4/28 Buttonwillow National Gallery pages.
Apr 22: Added Sports Racer Classified pages.
Apr 03: Updated DSR/CSR directory files and other links on Web Links page. Updated information on LeGrand Drawings, Kokopelli, Decker , and Gazelle pages. Added current and old photos to Prince SR5 and Prince Pro1 pages.
Mar 05: Added RaceTech magazine article to Stohr Chassis. Updated web master Contact Info page.

2001 Updates


Dec 19: Added image to Stohr Gallery 1.
Dec 18: Added images to Kropp Gallery.
Dec 10: Updated "Project Goodman" Formula Ford to DSR conversion on the Dulon Chassis page and Dulon Gallery page. Updated and corrected the pages for Decker Chassis and National Champions.

Oct 25: Added Aerodynamics Tech Info page.
Oct 24: Added Bobsy Chassis, Gallery Page 1 & Page 2. Updated Gurney Eagle Gallery with addition images.
Oct 22: Added Dulon Chassis which will host "Project Goodman" - a Formula Ford conversion to DSR.
Oct 19: Added Chassis and Gallery pages for Crossle, Fox, GazelleGazorman, GT Lite, Gurney Eagle, Harms, McCann, Ralt, Realm Runner, Reynard, Zephrus, Zink. Revised Nova Cat pages.
Oct 18: Added Tiga Chassis page & Gallery. Cleaned up some links.
Oct 17: Added DSR Directory & other links to Web Links page, Quasar.
Oct 12: Revised the Gallery via index, added many Runoffs photo pages.
Oct 09: Updated LeGrand Drawings (drawings added to the available lists) and Yamaha YZF R1 pages.
Sept 28: Added pages for Runoffs Party Photos
Sept 21: Added pages for Runoffs Grid, LeGrand Overall History, LeGrand Model Summary, LeGrand Drawings, & updated LeGrand Chassis.
Sept 19: Added pages Runoffs Qual 2, & Quasar Chassis.
Sept 18: Added pages Runoffs Qual 1, Suzuki GSX R1000, Pegasus Chassis.
Sept 14: Added pages for Nova Cat Chassis & Gallery. Updated Web Links.
Sept 13: Added pages for Hayashi Chassis & Gallery.
Sept 10: Updated Stohr Gallery 1, 2001 Runoffs Entry, & various 2001 results.
Sept 07: Added pages for Ocelot Chassis & Gallery, and HenTech Gallery.
Sept 05: Added Decker Gallery, Kokopelli Gallery, & updated LeGrand's.
Sept 04: Runoffs fever! Added previous years' Runoffs info to Race Results.
Aug. 29: Updated Runoffs Entry, 2001 Results, & Page 4. Added a main Race Results Page with National Champions List and 2000 Runoffs data. Updated Web Links. Updated Yamaha YZF R1 Engine page; added Adobe link.
Aug. 28: Updated Yamaha YZF R1 Engine page; fixed service manual link, added wiring diagram. Updated Runoffs Entry, Results Main, & Page 4.
Aug. 23: Added Yamaha YZF R1 Engine page.
Aug. 22: Added Contact Info and updated the A-Mac Chassis and A-Mac Gallery 1 pages. Updated Web Links.
Aug. 21: Added Runoffs Entry. Updated Results Main & Page 4.
Aug. 20: Updated  pages for OMS Chassis, & gallery pages On Track, Details 1, and Details 2. Updated Stohr Gallery 1. Added Fesas Chassis and Fesas Gallery pages. Updated A-Mac Chassis, Gallery 2, & added Sales Brochure & Gallery 1.
Aug. 14: Created Cheetah Chassis, Building the Monocoque, & multiple photo individual pages linked off the Cheetah Gallery.
Aug. 13: Updated Stohr Gallery 1, OMS page, & Results pages.
Aug. 10: Filled in all 2001 Race Results pages. Current through 8/5.
Aug. 08: Updated August Results & 2001 Race Results pages.
Aug. 01: Added Lola chassis page & gallery. Finally added counters at the bottom of the main section pages. 
July 31: Added a chain info. page to the Tech. Info section.  Updated Race Results, and added to Stohr Gallery 1 and Gallery 2.
July 19: Added a Gallery for the PCD Saxon hillclimb car.
July 18: Added Wheeler Chassis, Gallery 1, & Gallery 2 pages.
July 16: Added new photo of Stohr rear on Gallery 1 page.
July 10: Added chassis pages for Beasley and Wynnfurst.

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