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October 28, 2004: Peter Derviller of traXstar reports

The traXstar tX-1 completes a successful debut SCCA year

"In the fall of 2003, the first car was purchased by Roger Roatch of Gig Harbor, Washington, who is now the NW region dealer for traXstar. After the 2003-2004 winter rebuild, including an innovative installation of a Yamaha YZF R1 EFI engine, our new tX-1 successfully debuted at Bremerton, WA. (read the full story on the TraXstar web site.)

Dyno work with George Dean brought the stock 2003 Yamaha YZF R1 engine's rear wheel thrust up to its season's best of 148 HP. Top speed recorded at Portland was 152 MPH and lap times throughout the year were competitive with Regional level DSRs. The car earned its first Pole position at the mid-season Bremerton Regional race and won its first race at the Labor Day event at Mission Raceway, British Columbia.

The prototype tX-1's test program continued with experiments with different suspension setups, EFI mapping, and data acquisition. Test drivers, Roger Roatch and Dennis Bainbridge, reported handling and stability improved after minor suspension alignment adjustments and the car showed it had much more potential. We sincerely thank AIM, K&N and OMP for their support through the car's first competitive season.

Customer interest is growing and with a season's testing now behind us, we feel confident to build customer cars. Current new developments include:

  • Design of a limited slip differential package in conjunction with the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Alberta
  • Installation and testing of 4-way Ohlins dampers
  • Configuration of a Wilwood caliper/rotor/hat package for the latest version of Fast Forward's TDC upright
  • Our appreciation also goes to those organizations for their valuable contributions to the traXstar project."

    For details see the Specifications page.

    Contact Peter Derviller at traXstar for more information.


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    checkered_pose.jpg (70947 bytes)
    Left to right
    Dennis, Peter, & Roger

    in_the_esses.jpg (206560 bytes)

    on_track3.jpg (93103 bytes)

    tq_right_crop.jpg (46029 bytes)

    traXstar R1-03 Dyno Run.jpg (196680 bytes)
    An early dyno run

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