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Why have I put the effort into creating this web site?

  • Many years ago, I was researching the DSR class in preparation for moving to my next racing adventure.  I was very disappointed to find almost no information about DSR racing on the internet.

  • In the subsequent couple of years, I collected information and images that I hoped I could use in starting a site dedicated to the DSR class.

  • This site debuted on January 1, 2001. One of the missions of the site is to provided information to people interested in possibly joining the class.

  • Since then, I've expanded the scope of the site to include the CSR class, and also H Mod and other vintage small bore sports racers

Who am I?    

Tom Clayton, San Jose, California, USA
"... often the the real hero is the guy who puts his racing urges aside and concentrates on mowing the lawn, taking his kid to a Little League game and spending the extra dollars on the family." Tim Suddard in the July 2002 editorial of Grassroots Motorsports.


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Husband, & father of 3
(14, 12, & 5 years old)

Engineering Program Manager for Integrated Wi-Fi Development at Palm, Inc. P1010070.JPG (213457 bytes)
Cheetah SR1
owner since 1998

Former TrimTrac Project Manager at Trimble Navigation Limited

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DSR driver - someday
(once the car is done! )
SCCA racer (National competition license since 1989) former NASA Race Director, NorCal Region, SF Chapter

Family: Wonderful wife, 3 kids, 4 dogs, 3 snakes, etc.
Current project: 96% complete Cheetah DSR.

My car and driving history.
NASA activities - former HPDE (school) director & race director.


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