Cars owned, driven, and raced

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tr7.jpg (38927 bytes) 1976 Triumph TR7:  My car in high school & into college. I wanted a TR8 (aluminum V8 version of the TR7), but could only afford a very used TR7.
impulse_5.jpg (19308 bytes) 1985 Isuzu Impulse Turbo:  Autocrossed in SCCA G Stock class. Sold at the end of '88 to finance the 1989 Mitsubishi race car below.
[picture here] 1986 Honda CRX Si: Purchased (used) and prepared specifically for SCCA road racing.
street_exterior_1.jpg (49330 bytes) Honda Civic 1200cc:  Cheap project street car. Do it yourself auto shop. This car inspired the Honda Civic 1200 ITD race car below.
Who would take a picture? 197X Plymouth Fury: Super cheap (~$50), car used as a train station to work vehicle. Was also a potential tow vehicle before purchasing a Suburban.
[picture here] 1989 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo: Road raced extensively in SCCA SSB.
ITC_2.jpg (43597 bytes) 197X Honda Civic CVCC, 1500cc: Purchased "prepared" for SCCA ITC road racing. Also competed in SCCA Racing Drivers' Club 4 hour Endurance races.
tijuana_taxi_3.jpg (30745 bytes) 197X Datsun 1200: Rented for 2 or 3 ITD races while completing my own ITD car. 1200cc, lightweight, and a solid rear axle.
ITD_Honda_Civic_2.jpg (114386 bytes) 1974 Honda Civic 1200cc: Obtained and prepared for SCCA ITD road racing. Also competed in NASA PS3, Handicap, and Endurance races.
[picture here] 1994 Ford Taurus SHO: Street and occasional track car. Chassis by Ford, but engine by Yamaha. Eibach springs and Koni adjustable struts added.
GTI_Cup_77.jpg (22192 bytes) 198X Volkswagen Rabbit GTI: Purchased prepared for SCCA ITB road racing. Converted to run NASA GTI Cup races. Also competed in E3 Endurance class.
GTIcupTriantoscar4.jpg (48506 bytes) Competed in the 1998, 1999, & 2000 NASA 12 hour Enduro.
Cheetah-21.jpg (49168 bytes)
This is a photo of Bob Swenson's car, which is the same type of chassis as mine.
1998-2004 Cheetah SR1 for SCCA DSR class: Purchased the "rights to the car" in 1998. Worked building the car at Omni Fab for about a year. Took more than a year off to sell a house, get married, buy a house, sell a house, and have a son. I'm now, back to work on it off and on as time permits. It's ~96% complete.
P1010006.JPG (162216 bytes) 1995 Subaru Legacy LSI: Acquired with a wife and two kids.
[picture here] 1997 Volvo 850 T5 Turbo Wagon: Did I mention that I have three kids now? Purchased to replace the Subaru.
WorksS_impression.jpg (20630 bytes) 2003 & 2004 BMW MINI Cooper S: My current car. Delivery in August of 2003, then February of 2004.