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February 2003
seat_fitting_1.jpg (152229 bytes) seat_fitting_2.jpg (150941 bytes) seat_fitting_3.jpg (155355 bytes) seat_fitting_4.jpg (150091 bytes)
 Al Jr. in the seat Front view showing the splitter Mike Maloy Getting assistance
seat_fitting_5.jpg (144423 bytes) seat_fitting_6.jpg (156018 bytes)
Looking good A big thumbs up from Al
body right front.jpg (33146 bytes) body rear.jpg (36114 bytes)
Body on chassis
Chassis Suspension
rear_1.jpg (153853 bytes) rear_2.jpg (152442 bytes) rear_4.jpg (149680 bytes) rear_5.jpg (148828 bytes)
Rear section
rear_3.jpg (144406 bytes)
Wing cross section

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