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Updated December 19, 2001
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"We later enlarged the inlet duct and testing showed a side outlet was necessary. See [above] photo of our new fiberglass radiator inlet duct. This duct is now on Stohr DSR chassis 003 and 004. Also, the photo shows our new front jacking brackets, which double as easy tie-down points for trailering. We have produced some special quick jacks which double as car stands. No more crawling around under the car is required. Jay Lovett plans to bring his new Stohr DSR to Florida. Should be some great racing!"  Lee
Updated September 10, 2001
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Sean Maisey's car was finished first, driven down the road and back, then packed for the trip to the Runoffs.

TomDSRrear.jpg (46907 bytes) TomsDSRside.jpg (48003 bytes) TomsHeader.jpg (51865 bytes)

Tom Robertson's car was then finished in one long night before the truck left for Mid-Ohio. Note the different wheels & tires on the two cars.

Updated August 20, 2001
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"Here are some photos I took quickly for the Homologation paperwork. The body is straight from the molds, we have not done any mounting yet. All the pieces (nose, tail, sidepods) weigh a total of 50lbs. They are nice and stiff, having 1/8" honeycomb all over. The little headrest piece is not here yet. The rear wing is carbon fiber by Pennon. The car finally rolls! Now to make it run !", Lee

Updated August 13, 2001
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The left photo is of the torsion test setup. The twist is measured in various places with the dial indicators seen under the front.  The chassis is loaded by hanging weight on the right front suspension, so loads are fed in realistically.  The front of the chassis pivots on the jack located in the center.  The rear is supported under each rear upright, so loads are fed through the entire suspension and the whole assembled car.  Rear shocks are locked in this setup.

"We spent Friday [8/10] doing a chassis load and torsion test.  We found the torsional stiffness acceptable, similar to a modern Formula Ford. If we have time, we can increase it pretty easily.  We did find that the interchangeable lower rear A-arms won't work.  There will have to be a right and left lower rear A-arm.  I had hoped to use a bolt on pushrod end bracket, which would allow the same A-arm to work on either side, but it is just not stiff enough, and some shock motion ratio was lost too.  My rear suspension design just can't be compromised that much." Lee

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