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Updated July 16, 2001
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Updated July 10, 2001

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Here are two final body plug photos. Shown from right to left -  Lee Stohr,  Steve Ruege (President, Composites Unlimited) and Jesse, master craftsman who made the plug. The photos were taken outside Composites Unlimited in Scappose, Oregon.

Updated June 27, 2001

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Updated June 17, 2001

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Updated April 3, 2001

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This "is the hollow 'transaxle' case we are having machined. The motor bolts to the left, the front side of the unit. At the rear are jacking points and center mount points for a rear wing and/or tail support. Shocks and springs go on top, towards the back of the motor. Their forward mounting bracket is not shown. The rear axle runs through the red bracket in the center. It slides for chain adjustment. A-arms attach to the blue brackets. The uppers are shimmed for camber.

Alternate a-arm mounting points are provided for different rear tire diameters. Both 20" and 22" rears are popular. The roll center would be moved too far with that large a tire difference, unless the a-arms are moved too. The case also attaches to the diffuser and a steel tube engine bay structure, not shown. The rear sway bar would attach to the back of the bellcranks, and it would be mounted behind them. You may notice that the upper forward a-arm actually mounts in between the upper and lower legs of the chain. The highest point on this part is only 15" off the race track surface.

The sprocket goes on the outside that you see. Inside is room for the new Taylor/Taggart Quaife diff. There are bulkheads and floor, but I'm not giving away the whole design here!"

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