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Updated March 30, 2001

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"The new Stohr DSR will have an out-board, pushrod and bellcrank front suspension. With this layout it is not hard to get good shock travel. One inch of shock travel per inch of wheel travel is easy to achieve. Also, the driver compartment is larger around the legs because the springs and shocks aren't there. And the body can perhaps be lower because the springs are not mounted above the drivers knees. The springs aren't mounted under the frame because of aerodynamic reasons.

Aluminum panels will cover the frame sides. The bellcrank shown is a mockup. The real piece will be machined from 1" thick aluminum. The bellcrank pivot has a center bearing like any other. Ride height is adjusted by the single rod end at the lower end of the pushrod. It has the common RH & LH threaded bolt which you turn to raise or lower the car. I am starting with 1:1 motion ratio. That is, 1" wheel travel equals 1" shock travel. I could get more here, but the rear is more difficult. There is a more conventional Formula car style bellcrank and inboard shock location on the rear.

Mounting the pushrod/spring to one place on the a-arm allows it to be mounted closer to the upright. Separate mounting brackets on the a-arm would have to be moved in to keep the upright from hitting the spring/pushrod when turning the wheel. Also, I'm trying to make the a-arms interchangeable R & L."

Updated March 9, 2001

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Initial body images released on January 16, 2001

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Early conceptual drawings
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