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David Bedard's LeGrand/Thorp Mk 18.  Read David's article on his car, History of a LeGrand Mk18.

Air induction setup using a Radical carburetor airbox.

Engine .jpg (110655 bytes) Radical airbox.jpg (120801 bytes) Radical airbox side.jpg (103424 bytes)
Air induction front.jpg (86030 bytes) Air induction side 1.jpg (84773 bytes) Air induction side.jpg (78045 bytes) Air induction rear.jpg (89941 bytes)

Exhaust and Dynomax muffler.

Exhaust b to f view 1.jpg (108909 bytes) Exhaust b to f view.jpg (109451 bytes) Exhaust side view.jpg (95579 bytes) Exhaust f to b view.jpg (104461 bytes)
Dynomax muffler rear.jpg (113309 bytes) Dynomax muffler side 1.jpg (106653 bytes) Dynomax muffler side 2.jpg (108515 bytes)

Battery cables, panel, and quick connect.

Battery cables into side panel.jpg (95554 bytes) Battery cables on transmission side.jpg (77856 bytes) Battery panel prep.jpg (66711 bytes) Battery quick connect.jpg (71395 bytes)


Body 1.jpg (65748 bytes) Body 2.jpg (61239 bytes) Body.jpg (71222 bytes)

Fuel cell preparation and installation.

Old fuel cell in place front view.jpg (180958 bytes) Old fuel cell in place side pod .jpg (132563 bytes) Fuel cell prep.jpg (77528 bytes)
Fuel cell prep 1.jpg (65932 bytes) Fuel cell compartment prep.jpg (94165 bytes) Fuel cell in place with bracket.jpg (64420 bytes)

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