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David Bedard's LeGrand/Thorp Mk 18.  Read David's article on his car, History of a LeGrand Mk18.


Left front

left front hub.jpg (77486 bytes) left front hub back view.jpg (64248 bytes) Left front pick-up point.jpg (43166 bytes) Left front pick-up point cleaned.jpg (53940 bytes)

Right front

Right front suspension 2.jpg (85331 bytes) Right front suspension.jpg (95557 bytes)

Left rear

left rear hub.jpg (68392 bytes) left rear hub side view.jpg (86857 bytes) Left rear suspension 3.jpg (84282 bytes) Left rear suspension.jpg (100804 bytes)

Right rear

Right rear corner.jpg (102726 bytes) Right rear suspension.jpg (104914 bytes) Right rear suspension 3.jpg (98250 bytes)

New Penske coil over shocks left and right rear

New Penske left rear.jpg (95895 bytes) New Penske right rear.jpg (96635 bytes) Bogart rear wheel.jpg (90546 bytes)

Wheels on and car on the ground

Wheels on and on the ground 2.jpg (80859 bytes) Wheels on and on the ground.jpg (90294 bytes)

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