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David Bedard's LeGrand/Thorp Mk 18.  Read David's article on his car, History of a LeGrand Mk18.
Complete with David 1.jpg (88053 bytes) Complete right side.jpg (74180 bytes) Complete front.jpg (64999 bytes) Complete left side.jpg (79937 bytes)
Complete left side 1.jpg (74825 bytes) Complete rear.jpg (79945 bytes) Complete rear 1.jpg (92482 bytes) Complete right side 1.jpg (79644 bytes)

As it was when he picked it up in Florida

Car loaded in FL 2.jpg (115521 bytes) Car loaded in FL 3.jpg (114832 bytes) Car loaded in FL 1.jpg (153006 bytes)

As it arrived in Pennsylvania after a 17 hour drive.

Arrive in PA.jpg (139341 bytes) Arrive in PA 2.jpg (141264 bytes)

Getting started on the teardown, clean up, and rebuild.

Front view less body.jpg (93618 bytes) Side view less body.jpg (93920 bytes) Rear .jpg (162249 bytes)
Back half body on 1.jpg (103660 bytes) Front with radiator .jpg (175322 bytes) Front less radiator .jpg (155083 bytes) Engine .jpg (110655 bytes)

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