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Jose Pagan's Mk 18 "on track" and chassis, circa 1980.
legrand_mk18.jpg (64376 bytes) chassis0.jpg (274264 bytes) photos to the left and below provided by Joseph Pagan
Joseph Pagan described it as the "LeGrand Mk18 that my father and I built and raced in the Pacific Northwest during the late 70s to early 80s. We raced in ICSCC (hence the FSR designation) and SCCA . The car was built from blueprints. The engine was a KZ900 bored out to 1000cc. We built a water jacket around the cylinder assembly to aid in cooling. The car benefited from dad's years of experience in the Air Force, and consultations with Air Force fabricators. Special attention was paid to safety and quality of parts. The car had many admirers in the Paddock."
Dick Camp's car, circa 1982.
legrand2.jpg (150850 bytes) legrand1.jpg (277581 bytes) legrand3.jpg (125573 bytes)
Dick's car was purchased from Jerry Smith after he won the Runoffs in 1980. The picture with the high rear wing is after Dick had owned the car awhile and had made some modifications.
Glade Miller's, circa 1982. Curt Hitchcock's
legrand4.jpg (192816 bytes) Glade's car is believed to have been factory built. vintagedsr.jpg (19699 bytes)
Robert Dix's with a 2 cylinder Cosworth
robert_dix.jpg (397710 bytes) newbody.gif (351673 bytes) twocyl.gif (438536 bytes)

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