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Assembly Drawings

The LeGrand Registry now owns the rights to drawings for the LeGrand Mk18 and Mk25. They can be purchased and used to build a LeGrand of your own from scratch. You can see a list of the drawings for each model via the links below. There is also a price list provided.

Mk18 Drawing List updated 10/09/2001
Mk25 Drawing List
updated 10/09/2001
Drawing Price List
updated 05/11/2001

Drawings are Now Available on CD. The original drawings have been re-rendered in Auto-CAD ver14. One examples of resulting drawings produced from Auto-CAD is shown here on the right.

If you want purchase LeGrand drawings, contact:

Al James
LeGrand Registry
11546 Rolling Hills Dr.
El Cajon,
CA 92020
via Email: groupj@cox.net
(619) 441-8870 at home in the evenings

or at work
via Email: ajames@raytheon.com
(858) 522-2082

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