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Information below is from a mid-1970s LeGrand sales flier.
A hand written note indicates, "New prices include updates to 1978 GCR specs."

The MK 18 "D" & "C" Sports Racing Car Kits

The new LeGrand Mk 18 Sports Racing Car is the newest and most unique lightweight sports racing car available today. The car was designed to use any of the new multi-cylinder motorcycle engines such as the Kawasaki Z-1 (900cc), Honda 750, and Suzuki 750 water cooled. These engines are ideally suited to sports racing use since they are lightweight, are very powerful, and are readily available. In addition, there is a great deal of performance equipment available including turbosuperchargers.

The new LeGrand Mk 18 will be suitable for either D or C-SR depending on engine type used. An Mk 18 with Kawasaki Z-1 4-cylinder engine weighs 640 pounds track ready, which is 200 to 300 pounds lighter than most D-SRs now running. The lightweight was achieved by a total design concept of reducing the size and weight of all components to a minimum and to utilize fully the lightweight and compact size of the motorcycle engine/transmission package. For example:

  • The wheelbase is very short at only 76 inches.
  • A revolutionary steering set-up reduces steering system weight by 50%.
  • A special rear drive hub incorporates the drives sprocket as well as a single disc brake.
  • Special Koni coil spring/shock units are half the weight of usual units.
LeGrand offers the Mk 18 mainly in kit form, although complete cars can be supplied on request. We emphasize our kits because it reduces our costs and allows the buyer to obtain the best engineered car available at a reasonable price. In addition, those who choose to assemble their own car will learn a great deal about race car design and construction, and they can take a great deal more pride in their car once it has been completed. LeGrand has been building "assemble-it-yourself" race cars since 1962, and this long experience in supplying kits allows us to offer the easiest to assemble kit available.


Front-magnesium alloy upright, wide based lower A-arm with nylon bushing inboard pivots. Top traverse link, top trailing arm. LeGrand proprietary adjustable spherical balljoints are used at top and bottom. Rear-magnesium alloy hub carriers, double trailing arms, reversed lower A-arm with nylon bushing inboard pivots, top transverse link. Half-shafts with constant velocity universal joints out-board, 3-3/4 P.C. metallastic joints inboard. Final center section mounted to rear bulkhead supporting chain drive system and brake disc. All links fitted with left and right rod ends to simplify adjustments of castor, camber, and toe-in. All suspension parts are cad plated. Special Koni manufactured shocks are adjustable for bump and rebound rates. Adjustable lower spring seats are fitted for setting ride-height.

Monocoque right-hand drive tub with square steel tube sub-structures to locate suspension and controls pick-up points. Skins are of 2024-T3 aluminum, .040 thick, riveted to substructures with AVDEL rivets. SCCA approved roll-over bar, seat belts, shoulder harness, and anti-submarine belts installed. Optional onboard fire system if required. Seven gallon fuel cell with race foam baffling is installed in the left side tub. The cell is installed within 16 gauge aluminum housings and protected by external deformable structure. For water cooled engines, two side mounted radiators are mounted directly behind the doors. Air flow is supplied by Nacell type ducts. Air cooled engines are completely shrouded and air is fed through one air scoop with opening above roll-over bar. Seats are formed by aluminum sheets permanently riveted to the tub sides. Rear mounted wing with adjustable mounts.

Instruments are usually supplied by the customer as they are available from the same motorcycle as is used for the engine source. Normally, all that is needed is tachometer, oil temperature gauge or oil pressure warning light, and neutral indicator light. Cylinder head temperature gauge is also recommended.

4-piece fiberglass consisting of nose, 2 doors, and tail section. Parts are hand lay-ups and finished in primer jell coat, ready for painting.

Front-Airheart alloy calipers, 9 inch diameter discs outboard. Rear-single inboard disc, with one caliper mounted on final drive housing. Dual master cylinders are used with balance bar for adjusting front-to-rear brake bias.

LeGrand proprietary rack & pinion, 9 inch diameter, soft foam covered steering wheel. Ratio is one full turn lock to lock.

LeGrand 6 spoke magnesium
13 inch diameter X 7 inch wide front,
13 inch diameter X 9 inch wide rear.
Suggested tires are Goodyear Super V.

76 inches.

Front - 48.5 inches.
Rear - 48 inches.

640 pounds, track ready.

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