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October 23, 2003:
Information on this page was updated per request from Roy Rosmanitz.

OMS DSR Specification

Chassis: Fully TIG welded steel space frame single seat chassis with SCCA specified roll and dash hoops, chassis is constructed of mainly round tube in a fully triangulated layout.

Bodywork: Body is light weight GRP, with dual element aluminum rear wing. Full front and rear Venturi is used to augment the rear wing.

Engine: Any CSR or DSR engine can be utilized.

Suspension: Front and Rear unequal length wishbones with push rod operated rockers giving rising rate. Custom Avo adjustable dampers will be supplied with the car, with Penske being offered as an option. Steering is via custom built Titan steering rack. Front and rear uprights are fabricated using steel with one piece modular style wheel bearings.

Brakes: Front are cross drilled discs with aluminum top hat, rear are cross drilled with integral top hat. Callipers front and rear are Wilwood Dynalite 4 pots. Brake balance via dual master cylinder and brake balance bar.

Wheels: Center lock which are OMSís own 3 piece aluminium design.  7" wide front and 10" rear.

Driveline: Differential will be by Quaiffe mounted in OMS differential carrier with integral chain tension adjuster system. Inboard CV joint are tri-lobe style with automotive style outboard CV joints.

Cooling: Engine cooling is achieved via a custom made aluminum radiator mounted in the sidepod. A custom made swirl pot is included.

Fuel Cell: Fuel Safe mounted behind the driver's seat.

Exhaust: Custom made stainless steel headers with custom made OMS muffler.

Pricing: Call ETS for current pricing. As of March 29, 2004, they are in the process of adding quite a few upgrades to the car and are adjusting the price accordingly.
The price was $27,000 as of October 21, 2003. Shipping and tariff from the UK is extra. Some assembly is required.

Parts needed to complete: Engine (car kit), fuel lines, oil cooler & lines, tires, paint and final body fittings.

Chassis Construction

2003car003_half.jpg (72390 bytes)20030703_001_half.jpg (96623 bytes)As you can see in these two pictures, the chassis is fully triangulated. It is extremely rigid, yet light weight. The rear of the chassis is upswept to allow for a more efficient venturi to be installed and still clear the wishbones, etc. This chassis has been built around the Yamaha R-1 in dry sump configuration, but any modern motorcycle power unit can be used.


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