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OMS racing has been building single seat and sports cars for use in Hillclimbing and Sprinting in the United Kingdom (England) for over 7 years now. In that time, they have built over 100 cars in many different styles, and have taken many class race and championship wins.

unit3.jpg (28542 bytes)Steve Owen, the proprietor of OMS Racing, is seen here at work building a nose box.

Although the majority of cars built have used a motorcycle based powertrain, there have been several with Hart, BDA, and Vauxhall automotive based engines.

ps1.jpg (57050 bytes)OMS began circuit racing with driver Paul Shipp in 1997, competing in the Monoposto Racing Championship in the UK. This was initially with a Hillclimb car modified with the required safety items, and for the following two years a dedicated racing chassis was produced. This car won the 1200cc class in the championship for both 1998 and 1999 setting 8 lap records over the two years. Pictured here is the team's very first race weekend.

sportsracer.jpg (11551 bytes)OMS built sports racers for hill climb events in addition to open wheel formula cars. This is an earlier OMS sports racer which used a 1400cc Suzuki with a Turbo.

With Paul Shipp moving to the USA in 2000 it was decided to build a car to compete in the SCCA ‘D Sports Racing’ class for 2001. This car was based around the latest generation Pushrod chassis Hillclimb car, with the required SCCA safety items incorporated into the design.

tw1.jpg (53967 bytes)The car shown here has a 250hp Vauxhall 16v engine and is used for Sprinting in the UK.


engine_top.jpg (48762 bytes)Another impressive project of Steve Owen's is a twin engine hill climb car for competition in the UK. It utilizes two Kawasaki ZX9C engines placed back to back. The engines drive a common jack shaft and then a prop shaft to the rear differential. The gear selector on one engine was modified so that a common lever could be used for both engines.

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