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Twin Engine Car

Photos below provided by Dave Gomberg
from the debut at Mid-Ohio June 2-3, 2001.

The large images are rather large for now.

OMS_front_overall.jpg (183902 bytes) OMS_front_low.jpg (125295 bytes) OMS_front_above.jpg (168996 bytes) OMS_front_left.jpg (113250 bytes)
OMS_rear_overall.jpg (41892 bytes) OMS_rear_above.jpg (203340 bytes) paul_schipp.jpg (42607 bytes)

Owner and Driver: 
Paul Shipp

OMS_rear_left.jpg (138109 bytes)

OMS_rear_center.jpg (119392 bytes)

OMS_rear_right.jpg (125152 bytes)

Bodywork photos from Steve's shop

bodywork1.jpg (46972 bytes)

bodywork3.jpg (82482 bytes)

bodywork2.jpg (91635 bytes) steve_and_lynn_owen.jpg (96819 bytes) Builder: 
Steve Owen & wife Lynn
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