Dulon Chassis

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John Goodman's Project

Goal: To build a competitive DSR for under $10K with as many modern design features as is possible and practical.

The original car: 1979 Dulon MP-21 FF roller, acquired for $1650.

Proposed changes:

The Plan: To modify the chassis in three steps. First, the front suspension, then the driver compartment, and finally the engine bay and rear suspension. After the chassis is complete, the body will be fitted and the car tested.

Costs to date: (includes delivery charges and/or tax) 80 man hours and

$1,650   Rolling chassis
$615   Beasely drive unit with rotor and caliper
$1,800   Yamaha R1 engine car kit
$400   Four used Swift DB-4 front bell crank assemblies
$340   Four used Compomotive FC 3 piece wheels
$80   Two used Compomotive 6" wheel halves
$400   Ed Groene body
$40   Steel for construction
$150   Tool: tube notcher (a must)
$ -615   Sold Dulon body and wheels
108 Welding supplies
$14 Steel material
$105 Suspension bushings (Delrin) 
$607 Modifications to front uprights 
$5,694   Total

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