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Michael Reupert DSR

Michael Reupert has raced in DSR with a converted Lola T-540 Formula Ford for many years.


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2003 Runoffs

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photo by Cliff Kent

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photo by DigitalRace


Wally Butler's CSR

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Craig Mendenhall's former DSR

Craig's car used a Wynnfurst body.


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Lola T-497 CSR

This car, now owned and restored by Reynold Watt, was first raced in April, 1978, driven by Tom Foster. Chuck Billington drove the car in the 1979 Road Atlanta, SCCA National Championship.

Reyold says, "This Lola T-496/497 is what Lola did to enter the CSR class in 1978.  Essentially it is a chassis that they used for the T-490 series (S2000).  The T-492 was, at that time their entry into the Sports 2000 series.  There were several 492's constructed but only ten 496/497 CSR cars constructed. In essence, the 497's differed from the 492's in that they ran a 1300cc BDH Cosworth engine in CSR, had a 5 speed Hewland, a limited-slip differential, and were allowed to run a rear 'wing'.

The last true race this car was entered in was 1981. The picture [on the right] during Labor Day weekend 2005 at Portland, shows the original "block graphics" as painted by, I guess, Foster and Billington. I did not change that. Right now it has a BDH Cosworth 1300cc engine for power. It is Reynold's intention to put the car on the track the summer of 2006 and enter some vintage events with it."

Portland Intl Raceway
Labor Day, 2005

As found on
April 16, 2002

photos above provided
by Reynold Watt


Vintage H Modified

"I'd say it's a Lola but unusual in that it appears to be running in class H Modified (750cc). The engine doesn't looks like an OSCA but the carbs are on the wrong side."1

"Yes, it's an OSCA engine. The car was owned by Ollie Schmidt. OSCA had at least 2 cylinder head styles for the 750 and the carb location was swapped."1


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Thompson Raceway

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