WynnFurst Chassis

Over the years, WynnFurst has sold over 40 cars with different levels of conversions from engine, to body etc.  Most cars converted are converted from a Lola 540 Formula Ford and become a WynnFurst Lola.  

Jason Miller runs a Wynnfurst Lola chassis utilizing a 850cc Kohler 4 cylinder engine.

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Other cars are converted from a Dulon Formula Ford.

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Jeff Miller won the DSR National Championship Runoffs in 1983, 1981, 1977, and 1976 in a Wynnfurst.

Jeff_Miller_CSR_Wynnfurst.jpg (48209 bytes)Jeff now runs a Wynnfurst chassis in CSR with a larger Kohler 6 cylinder engine.

WynnFurst also does a lot of 6 speed transmission conversions.  For any inquiries regarding sales of CSR's, DSR's, engines or transmission conversions contact:

Jeff Miller at WynnFurst,  (920) 893-0288

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