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Jerry Mong, of Medina, Ohio, built Bobsy sports racer models ranging from at least the SR2 to the SR7.

The photos immediately on the right are from Nelson Ledges, taken in 1983.

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Gary Brown of the
Cincinnati Region

1983_nelsonledges3.jpg (40565 bytes)
Photos by Jim Beltz



Barney Powers and his Bobsy SR7.

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Photo by



The SR6 model is identical to the SR5 with exception of the body. 

1982 Runoffs

Pictured on the right is Neil Harrison in his Bobsy SR6 is followed by Ed Hamburger in a Lola T497 in the CSR race during the 1982 SCCA Runoffs at Road Atlanta.

The lower photos shows Neil again followed by William Frehlich in a Lola, Al Crookston in a Bobsy SR5, and 
Gordon Pari in a Bobsy SR4A.





neil_harrison_sr6_csr&ed_hamburger_lola_t497.jpg (36031 bytes)

neil_harrison_sr6_csr_1982_atlanta_runoffs.jpg (24915 bytes)
Photos by Jim Beltz


Ad for a 1973 SR6

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SR6 ad


Al Crookstan's SR5 in pictured Nelson Ledges circa 1983.

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Photo by Jim Beltz




Ad for a 1965 SR3

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An SR2 captured at a 1995 SVRA race at Mid-Ohio.

Ad for a 1973 SR2

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The ad claims that this car won a National Championship, although it is not clear in what class or year this took place.


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Chuck Dietrich ran F Modified at the 1963  National Runoffs at Mid-Ohio. The photo caption reads, "1963 USRRC: In the prototype Bobsy, Chuck goes after Bob Holbert's Cobra.

chcuk_dietrich_mid_ohio_cropped.jpg (33367 bytes)
Chuck Dietrich

chcuk_dietrich_mid_ohio.jpg (151572 bytes)
the full photo


"SR0" Prototype

Tom Miller, the current owner of this car, reports that "Jerry Mong personally verified that this is the first car he ever built back in 1958. This predates the Bobsy Twins and the SR1."

Jerry Mong told Tom that it's him in the car, in the photo on the right, at Cumberland Raceway in either 1958 or 1959. Jerry also did the Mansfield Hill Climb with the car.

Dolf Battifarano bought it from Ronnie Mucklow in 1969, and raced it with Dick Hyland at the hill climbs at Hobo Hill. The car was then sold to Dennis Dutcher.

Tom Miller is looking for any history on the car, especially for the period from 1960 to 1971.

You can cantact Tom Miller at


Jerry Mong at
Cumberland in 1958/59



1970 Runoffs

Marvin Thompson won the SCCA Runoffs in 1970 at Road Atlanta with a Bobsy.


1968 ARRC

The 1968 American Road Race of Champions (SCCA's national championship at the time) was held on November 19-24 at Riverside Raceway, CA. The 18 lap DSR race covered 46.8 miles in 32 minutes, 0.9 seconds for an average speed of 88.0 MPH. Bobsy drivers competing in the race included:

  • 4th place Marvin Thompson of East Lansing, Michigan in a Bobsy-Imp. Marvin finished the race 1 lap behind the CSR leader in the combined race..
  • 5th place Dick Ganger of Cleveland Heights, O. in a Bobsy-Imp, 50 seconds behind Marvin.
  • 11th place John Iglehart of Darien, Conn. in a Bobsy-Ford.
  • 13th place Patsy Randle of Denver, Colorado in a Bobsy-Saab.


    1968 ARRC
    Race Results

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