Cheetah Chassis Gallery

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Generic Car

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Lineup2.jpg (95907 bytes) Five Cheetahs raced at the Laguna Seca National / Regional on July 16, 2000.

Cars of individual owners below

  Owner Engine Comment
P1010070.JPG (213457 bytes) Tom Clayton Yamaha YZF R1 96% complete. Originally had a Kawasaki ZX-10.
98_runoffs_r14-2_cliffkent.jpg (7373 bytes) Travis Duder Nissan A/E Series 1998
National Champion
Mvc-001x.jpg (321709 bytes) Dave Gomberg Suzuki Samurai 1300cc

Bill Gurley Kawasaki ZX-10
Pa070289_crop.jpg (72598 bytes) Marc Hoover Mazda 1300cc
(4 cylinder)
National Champion
A023.JPG (44395 bytes) Jeff Roelands Yamaha YZF R1 Previously Hasty Horn's car.
Bill_Maisey_by_Bill_Hall.jpg (22639 bytes) Bill Maisey Yamaha YZF R1 Originally had a Kawasaki ZX-10 until 2002
cheetah-front.JPG (217851 bytes) Craig Mendenhall Suzuki RF900
Mitz_front.jpg (93212 bytes) Kevin Mitz Suzuki GSX R1000 Originally had a Kawasaki ZX-10 until 2002
PhillipsatRoseCup.jpg (8067 bytes) Mike Phillips Kawasaki ZX-10
lousell_daytona_01.jpg (19379 bytes) Lou Sell Kawasaki ZX-10
Gene Sherman Honda CBR 1000 Car For Sale
Charlie Smith_Cheetah SR1_zoom.jpg (14077 bytes) Charlie Smith Nissan A Series
Navara_Sears_T3A.jpg (27217 bytes) Brian Reuter Kawasaki ZX-10 Previously Rich Navara's car.
4_800w.jpg (281527 bytes) Bruce Sunseri Kawasaki ZX-10 1999
National Champion
Cheetah-21.jpg (49168 bytes) Bob Swenson Mazda 1300cc
(4 cylinder)
P1010061.JPG (210796 bytes) Nathan Chesmore Being converted to Suzuki GSX R1000 from Kawasaki ZX-10 Previously Mark Hastings' car.
right_front.JPG (71752 bytes) Les Oldenbrook Suzuki GSX R1000  
tom_robertson_roadatlanta_20030330.jpg (21392 bytes) Tom Robertson Yamaha YZF R1 Modified by Pat Prince.

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