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April 28, 2002. Buttonwillow, CA Double National races

Grid for Sunday's Race

buttonwillow_042802-18.JPG (100795 bytes) buttonwillow_042802-31.JPG (95088 bytes) buttonwillow_042802-17.JPG (91406 bytes) buttonwillow_042802-16.JPG (105184 bytes) buttonwillow_042802-15.JPG (98677 bytes) buttonwillow_042802-23.JPG (113041 bytes) buttonwillow_042802-14.JPG (108339 bytes) buttonwillow_042802-22.JPG (101689 bytes) buttonwillow_042802-19.JPG (99544 bytes) buttonwillow_042802-20.JPG (102405 bytes) buttonwillow_042802-21.JPG (63178 bytes) 

The Start

buttonwillow_042802-25.JPG (60015 bytes) 

The results

buttonwillow_042802-26.JPG (75097 bytes)                    buttonwillow_042802-27.JPG (63875 bytes)  
Bruce Sunseri won DSR,       Tom Nelson won CSR

buttonwillow_042802-29.JPG (90951 bytes) 2nd Bill Lomenick, 1st Bruce Sunseri, 3rd Ted Arken

buttonwillow_042802-28.JPG (76881 bytes) 2nd Bruce Trenery, 1st Tom Nelson (Too fast for the photo)

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