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April 28, 2002. Buttonwillow, CA Double National races

Details of Marc Hoover's Mazda powered Cheetah

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Details of Bill Lomenick's Msagro

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Details of Travis Duder's Nissan powered Cheetah

buttonwillow_042802-11.JPG (107902 bytes) buttonwillow_042802-12.JPG (108365 bytes) buttonwillow_042802-23.JPG (113041 bytes)

Dave Arken's Kawasaki ZX10/11 powered AMac
with it's reconstructed nose. Only the number section of the nose survived the race.

buttonwillow_042802-13.JPG (81362 bytes) buttonwillow_042802-24.JPG (94618 bytes) 

A couple of shots of the Mazda Sports Racer

buttonwillow_042802-32.JPG (90395 bytes) buttonwillow_042802-33.JPG (79682 bytes)

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