Prince SR5 Chassis 

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After two years of work, replacing everything with new parts, and sporting a new silver and black paint job, John Newcomb has his car for sale in early 2002. He says for around $20K. Contact him at .


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The photos above & information below was obtained from a classified advertisement:
The car only weighs 700lbs. dry, and has only 26 races on it total. It has had a ground up rebuild/refresh to chassis and body.
Yamaha FZR 1000 Motors With Supertrap Exhaust.
The engine was totally rebuilt Nov. 1999. Also Trick Head Done.
Keihn carburetors
Vance Hines Power Pak with rev. limiter.
Dry sump oil system with custom made heat exchanger
Kevlar clutches, Barkley springs, billet aluminum clutch basket.
Some suspension parts and body parts.
Also two extra engines needing freshening.
Five and six speed transmissions available.  V&H  Chain Driven (O-Ring Chain) Plus Eight Spare Sprockets
New Gel Cell Battery
Four Brand New Mounted Rains And Six Mounted Slicks (Hoosier)

This car was homologated on Sept.26,1990.

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The image above was taken at the SCCA Runoffs in Road Atlanta in the mid-1990s. The owner/driver of the car was MacDonald. His first Runoffs was October 5, 1990.

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