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Art McQueary of A-Mac is working on developing a customer kit version of the AM6. David Arken says that "The goal is to be able to offer kits with proper instructions by the end of this year [2001]. Everyone we talk to asks how much. The target number is under $20K, for a completed roller." If interested, contact Art.

Read an excellent article on DSR racing, with specifics about the James' A-Mac. The article was written by Paul Haney of Inside Racing Technology.

The information below came from an A-Mac Sales Brochure, circa 1994.

"The car for D-SR"

"The A-Mac AM-6, which debuted in 1991, is a proven race winner. In itís short history, the AM-6 has racked up an impressive list of records and victories. In itís inaugural season, driver David Arken raced the AM-6 to a new class lap record at Sears Point International Raceway. In 1992, driver Nelson Fesas won the Portland Rose Cup National event. That same year, driver Gary Guethlein captured the San Francisco Regional Championship in what is considered to be the "Hot-Bed" of D-SR competition. In early 1993, driver Nancy James sped to new class qualifying records at Willow Springs Raceway, Holtville Raceway, and a race lap record at Willow Springs Raceway. Later in 1993, driver David Arken again set the Sears Point track ablaze when he lowered the class qualifying record. To top off this list of accomplishments, at the 1993 Pacific Coast Road Racing Championships, drivers David Arken, Eric Jochim, and Gary Guethlein conquered the competition by finishing in the A-Macs one, two , and three. Clearly the A-Mac AM-6 is THE CAR for D-Sports Racer."

AM-6 Specifications: 


Front: Double A-arms with Koni coil over shock absorber.
Rear: Single lower A-arm with radius rod. Single upper camber link with radius rod. Koni coil over shock absorber.

The AM-6 will accept most 1000cc motorcycle engines or 1300cc automotive engines with transaxle.

Length = 138"
Width = 58.5"
Wheelbase =90"
Front Track = 52"
Rear Track = 49"
Front Wheels = 13" x 6.5"
Rear Wheels = 13" x 9.0"
Front Tires = 7" x 20" x 13"
Rear Tires = 9" x 20" x 13"
Weight = 750 pounds

AM-6 available as a roller or kit. Kit includes:

Chassis and suspension components
Front and rear sway bars
Koni shocks
Steering rack and shaft
Steering wheel and quick release
Brake and clutch pedals
Brake and clutch master cylinders
Brake bias adjuster
Brake and clutch lines
Brake calipers and rotors
Gauges and tachometer
Gear shift linkage
A-Mac radiator with lines and ducting
Hubs, bearings, and uprights
Chain carrier and chain
Bodywork with wing and side plates
All inner panels
Seat and safety harness
Headers, tailpipe, and muffler
A-Mac axles with CV joint
Fuel cell
Fire system
Dry sump tank with lines and catch tanks
Nose and tail frames with lights
Battery with starter solenoid
Fuel pump and regulator
Wiring and switches
All fasteners and rod ends



For Information on purchasing an A-Mac DSR kit, contact:
Art McQueary

Santa Clara, CA

(408) 727-9288

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