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8/19/2001: Nelson Fesas reports, "So here is the skinny on our project.

1. The car is not an A-Mac, but a Fesas. Due to product liability concerns, there is no official deal or connection between A-Mac and Fesas. Think of our car as the racing equivalent of an IBM compatible PC.

2. A-Mac will probably build some replacement parts (suspension pieces, wing mount, etc.). Fesas will be building rolling chassis and turn-key cars.

3. We have chosen to make a few updates to the car before committing to production. One of the areas of change was the ergonomics in the footwell. The old design had the steering shaft placed a bit too low between the brake and clutch pedals. This placement prevented the ability to do left foot braking without the installation of a dual brake pedal assembly. The new design places the rack at the top of the bulkhead thereby opening space within the footwell. The driver will now have the ability to actuate the brake pedal with the left foot without the weight penalty of a dual brake pedal. The added space also permits installation of a full size dead pedal should the buyer choose. There will be many other detail changes (too many to list) to bring the chassis up to date with current engineering practice.

4. On the manufacturing side we have invested considerable time and resources to produce an extremely precise product. As an example, our chassis fabrication fixture is made of 1" thick Blanchard ground steel surface plate with a total tolerance /-.0015" over it's nine foot length. This highly accurate (expensive) surface plate will enable the highest quality construction and repeatability. We don't subscribe to the practice of building race cars on saw horses.

The first cars to be produced are taking a bit longer than expected due to the engineering updates we decided to make and the creation of a supplier chain. Once the infrastructure is in place we should be able to put out a car within 30 days of order placement. Please be patient while we set up the groundwork.

5. Lastly, the website is slowly and continually evolving. As the first two cars start to take shape, there will be photos and updates on the site.

Any ideas, comments, or questions are greatly appreciated. I can be contacted at:

email: nelson.fesas@fesas.com
Phone: 512-973-8899
Fax: 512-973-8897

1/28/2001: Nelson Fesas (a previous A-Mac employee) reported the following regarding his efforts to purchase the design & manufacturing right to the A-Mac chassis from Art Mac:

"I'm still working out the details of my deal with Art and should have something finalized in a couple of weeks. I'll be starting at least two cars by mid February. I can be contacted directly at:

Phone: 512-973-8899
Fax: 512-973-8897
e-mail: nfesas@fesas.com"

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