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The rules come from the sports racer section of the SCCA's General Competition Rules (GCR). Order your own official copy here of the current year's version.

Starting in 2005, SCCA has make their rules available online.

2006 SCCA Rules

Note: Technical Bulletins are periodically issued that supersede the information in the GCR. View the latest Technical Bulletins in the SCCA Garage

2005 SCCA Rules

2002 Version of the GCR

Acrobat reader is required for the pdf files above.

2000 Version of the GCR

Vintage GCRs

  • 1969 (not added yet)
  • 1967 (not added yet)
  • 1962 version - web page


DSR cars can also compete in Autocross / Solo II events in SCCA's B Modified class. Note that to run B Mod you need an 80" minimum wheelbase. Many D sports racers are shorter than that

2000 Solo II Rules for Modified cars

Revised: February 19, 2007.

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