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Z-14 CSR

This "is a Z-14 that was originally built to Formula Continental specifications with a Kohler six cylinder motor and 5 speed Hewland transaxle.

At some time, it was acquired by a man (I can’t remember his name) who lived just north of Tallahassee, Florida. He converted it to a Datsun 1200 DSR using four of the slide carburetors from the original Kohler and building an aluminum sheet metal body (all simple curved panels pop riveted together) using the original fiberglass cockpit section. I purchased the car from him.

I eventually removed all the body and replaced it with different side pods and a fiberglass body I had designed and built (plug, molds, and body parts). I sold the car and body molds to, I believe, David Klutsenbaker about 15 years ago.

According to a conversation I had with him about a year ago (when he wanted to buy a newer body I had designed and built) he converted it to Mazda power. Sometime after it left me, the two NACA ducts were added as was additional cooling capacity in the left side pod. Also a side panel was added behind the rear wheels." Chuck Smith

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Stan Clayton's CSR

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photo provided
by Stan Clayton

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