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Builder: Ed Zink

Engine: DKW 3 cylinder two stroke

Body: Jabro Mk III

Current Owner: "It survives and is currently being restored."1 by Hamilton Donaldson

Hamilton says, "The Zink Petite was the second car that Ed Zink Produced.

He also reports that Bill Greer was the original owner and won the 1963 SCCA  H Modified National Championship with the car.

"The car was a beautiful little H Modified special powered by a DKW 3 cylinder engine mounted amidships."1


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zinktrack3.jpg (44038 bytes)
Thompson Raceway
in 1965 or 1966.2


 zinktrack1.jpg (50096 bytes)


"Malcolm Donaldson (pictured on the right in 1964) owned and drove the car in the mid sixties."1

1964 to 1967 to be more specific.

Malcolm_Donaldson_1964.jpg (47846 bytes)


"J.D. Iglehart (who also raced an OSCA) is in the Bobsy on the pole. 1965 or 1966."1 zinkgrid1.jpg (99209 bytes)


"Those were the days when standing starts were still the norm. The Zink [Petite] is on the pole. Jabro Mk I behind, OSCA along side."1 zinkhmodstart.jpg (67123 bytes)


"Malcolm Donaldson working on his Zink Petite Mk II H-modified special [in the Lime Rock Park paddock]. Hamilton Donaldson (at right) provided the picture. 1967."1 zinklimerock2.jpg (69029 bytes)


A shot showing the spaceframe chassis. zinkpaddock5.jpg (56201 bytes)


In the Thompson Raceway paddock with a Jabro Mk I behind.

hmspecials63.jpg (71890 bytes)
Circa 19621


Later Owners

Hamilton Donaldson says, "The [Zink Petite] was owned and raced by my father after the original owner Bill Greer. Mr. Greer won the 1963 national Championship H Modified class [with the car]. The car was then sold to my dad who raced it from 1964-67.

He sold the car and it went thru about a 6 people when it came up for sale. Dad bought it back and gave it to me. The car is apart for restoration but I do not anticipate it being done any time soon due to Job and dollar."

December 28, 2004

"The Zink is apart and needs either a new frame or the original massively 
rebuilt. I have found the original nose mold for the car and eventually 
intend to restore the car as dad had it exactly, except for modern 
components like a fuel cell based on the original tank shape."


1Information and photos from

2The post-1962 photos originally came from Hamilton Donaldson.

Revised: January 05, 2005.

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