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DSR & CSR Directory: Contact Info for owners, drivers, crew, etc. Addresses, phone numbers, email. Updated as of January 12, 2006

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Sports Racer and/or Chassis Manufacturers & Distributors

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Sports Racer Specific Parts Vendors

Beasley Fiberglass - sports racer bodies, rear carriers, and related parts
Fast Forward - Tholen Design Consulting uprights, rear carriers, etc.
PBS Engineering - sequential shifter for Webster, quick jacks, jack stands
Taggard Performance Engineering - limited slip rear carrier
Personal Sports Racer Web sites Bill Maisey
Brian Little - Ralt RT-5 / Honda CBR-900 RR
Derek Harling - NTM (broken link)
The Imp Site - link fixed 1/5/2005
Nick England's Beach Site - Historic DSR and other
Ron Kenny 
Parts / Distributors / Services Classifieds
          Racing Junk - ads on everything racing related

General Distributors Aircraft Spruce - AN hardware and misc. supplies
Demon Tweeks (UK) - large racing supply house
Kennedy Engineering - engine to transmission adapters
P.E.D. Racing Products - racing communications needs Also consultant engineering services. Mention Sports.Racer.Net & get a 10% discount on any complete package or accessories.
Misc. HANS Device - head and neck support
Mitchell Software - suspension design & much more
Motorcycle Parts & Services MotoHoude Powersports Inc. - salvaged engines and parts, Canada 
Dennis Kirk - motorcycle accessories and tools
Falicon Cranks - crankshaft prep, billet clutch baskets, cryo treating
Graves Motorsport - Yamaha specialist
Sprocket Specialists - motorcycle sprockets and chain
Vortex Racing - motorcycle chain & sprockets
Racing Parts Indianapolis Competition Products - make an LD-20 replacement
Fuel sample ports - sold by Paul Morrison, SCCA Tech worker
Racing Services ACS Inc., Mark Parnell - exotic coatings for racing Trailer Items Better Life Technology - floor covering
References & Resources Building your own race car - web site
Grassroots Motorsports - magazine
MotoFiches - motorcycle engine diagrams and service manuals
National Auto Sport Association - sanctioning body
Race Tech (UK) - magazine 
SCCA Forums - general racing discussion forums on SCCA topics
Component Manufacturers AP Racing - brake systems
ARP - racing hardware, nuts and bolts
ATL - fuel cells
Aurora - bearings, rod ends, etc.
Brembo - brake systems
Burns Stainless - exhaust system components; tubing, collectors
Eibach - suspension springs
Hewland - transmissions
Hoosier - race tires
Intercomp - scales, tire gauges, durometers, pyrometers, etc.
JE Pistons - pistons
Kinsler Fuel Injection - fuel system components
Lifeline - fire suppression systems
MoTec - engine management systems, dash loggers, telemetry
Ohlins - shock absorbers
Performance Friction - brake pads
Quaife- differentials
Sachs - shock absorber and clutch systems
Safety Devices - fire extinguishers, seat belts, etc.
Setrab - oil coolers
Tilton (email) - clutches
Wilwood - brake systems

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