Tholen Design Consulting

Tholen Design Consulting manufactures various components specifically manufactured for sports racer customers. These include uprights, brake brackets, dry sump pans and other brackets.

Bodies from the molds for the Astech are available.

TDC's hub carriers/uprights are used on many DSRs including A-Macs, Astechs, and Cheetahs to name a few. An example of their front upright is pictured on the left, while the rear upright is pictured on the right.
TDC's rear bearing/sprocket carrier is pictured on the left. A oil pan for dry sump setup is shown on the right.

For information, contact:

Doug Learned at
Fast Forward
507 Redwood
Sand CIty, CA  93955
Phone: (813) 899-3636

See the TDC Catalog of available parts, and the TDC 1998 Price List.

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