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Steve Herrod's car is a 1983 Hayashi, chassis number 04, one of seven imported to the United States. Five chassis were later converted into prototype Formula Mazdas (FM) by Dwayne Anderson and Mark Bahner. Steve's car uses FM front suspension rockers. In fact, Steve purchased his chassis in 1992 as a roller from Essex Racing Services of Cumming, Georgia, complete with red Georgia clay in the tub!

The power plant is a Honda CBR1000 motorcycle engine. Steve added a Quaife differential, as well as Wilwood 4 piston calipers. The engine installation was done by Larry Kano, who later went to work for the Muzzy's Superbike team in the U.S., and then to Germany with the World Superbike team. The body was built by Ed Groene in Kansas, and was the first body off his second generation sports racer design. Ed later began building bodies for Paul Shinsky in Houston based on the Lola S2000 design, but scaled to fit LeGrands.

The car weighs approximately 1150-1175 lbs. as raced, with driver. In the early to mid 90's, the car was very competitive, running 0.2 second off the old lap record at Hallett. That record was set in 1978, I think someone in T&S did the math wrong! Steve also set a lap record at Hutchinson, Kansas, when that airport track was last run, and won six of eight races in '94. Although the car is heavy, it may still be a competitive car. The weight debate on the DSR Forum has shown that!

Steve began in DSR crewing for Bob Atknison from Wichita, Kansaa, in the early 80's. Bob started with a Beach/Suzuki, and then moved into a Lola T644/Nissan with a Wynnfurst body. He later switched to a Groene body. Bob was quite competitive, holding lap records at seven tracks in the Midwest, earning several Divisional championships, and two June Sprints wins out of three attempts. Unfortunately their luck never seemed to follow them to Road Atlanta for the Runoffs, where Bob's best finish was a 10th (if Steve remembers correctly). After Steve built his car, Bob and Steve never got a chance to compete against each other - Steve jokes that he thinks Bob was avoiding him! Steve's doing his best to get Bob, "a great guy and a fierce competitor", back into the class.

Due to health problems (blown spinal discs), Steve has not run any races in a few years. But, he's feeling better now [September, 2001], and his mechanic, Richard Legg, owes him for a bunch of work Steve did for him the past year. So, they may dust off the car and join the fun in '02. Hallett has been repaved, and is smooth and very fast. Steve's been drooling over the cars on this website, as well as enjoying the DSR Forum immensely. He says, "I have to get back on the track soon!"

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