Thursday, March 06, 2008

PVM Buys West Race Cars

PVM Motorsports announced today the acquisition of West Race. West's Portland assembly plant will be moved to PVM's expanded facilities in Atlanta, GA, housing both race team operations for PVM Motorsports and manufacturing for West Race Cars.

“I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to acquire, establish and grow the West Race Cars company here in Atlanta,” said Eric Vassian, CEO and President of both PVM Motorsports and now West. “I have worked closely with West over the past two years and look forward to now combining the efforts between our race team and manufacturing plant to build exciting new cars in the months ahead”

West CEO, Ted Spooner said “I’m confident Eric will do a great job with West. He has a passion for the business of racing and plans to grow and expand the West product line. His proven track record for customer service and marketing will bode well for West moving forward.”

West Race Cars is the sole constructor for the L2 class of the very successful IMSA Lites presented by Hankook series. PVM Racing has been part of the series since it’s inception in 2006, winning consecutive team championships and driver championships. “Our partnership with IMSA has worked very well over the years and we will continue to focus our efforts on IMSA Lites, the premier sports racing series in the world. We are in the planning stages for the 2009 racing season and you will see some exciting changes coming from West Race Cars.”

Tim Mayer, IMSA President and COO of the American Le Mans Series, “We have every confidence in Eric and believe he will continue to maintain the standards of excellence established by West in the IMSA Lites Series. We look forward to an exciting season of racing in the L2 class from the West competitors.”

For more information about West Race Cars or PVM Motorsports contact West at (404) 376-8282. The IMSA Lites presented by Hankook series kicks off at the Mobil1 Twelve Hours of Sebring March 13

[ PVM Motorsports website ]

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

C&D Features Green Normas

Two ATG prepared Norma M20F sports racers are featured in an article in the March edition of Car & Driver magazine. The cars are featured in a segment called "Bio-Racing – Little Green Racing Machines."

Automotive Technology Group (ATG) of Irvine, California, took two normally aspirated, gas powered Norma M20F 2.0 liter sports car and converted them to run on bio-ethanol (a type of E85), resulting in increased horsepower output of 10% while significantly reducing emissions. Both cars ran flawlessly for the full duration of the NASA 25 hour of Thunderhill endurance in Northern California. One of the cars finished 2nd place overall capping off an exciting race where the two E85 powered cars repeatedly reset fast lap of the race.

Read the full Car & Driver article.

The cars were also featured in the February 2008 issue of Ethanol Producers Magazine in a ten page article that discussed the Thunderhill race and the merits of Bio-Ethanol in race cars. The article titled "Quick off the Straw" has drawn attention from all automotive sectors.

Read the full Ethanol Producers Magazine article.

For more information on the Norma M20F or the E85 conversion, email James Vaughn at or go to the

[ Automotive Technology Group website ]

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Friday, July 20, 2007

CSR & DSR Will Not Combine, For Now

The August edition of SCCA's FasTrack included important information in the Club Racing Board (CRB) minutes from July 3 & 5, 2007. It states that "Sports Racer – The CRB has rescinded its recommendation to combine CSR and DSR due to member input."

[ Club Racing section of August 2007 FasTrack ]

[ Full August 2007 FasTrack ]


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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Frappr Map Still Alive, Needs Awakening

Over 100 folks previously stuck a pin in our map to show where they are, and in many cases to display a photo of their car. Click here to go to the larger map and join if you choose to.


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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Temp Free Access to

Currently, access to the normal paid news service at is open to anyone who visits their site with the provided sample login. Take advantage of this temporary opportunity to check out their news service without having to pay. Be careful though, you may get hooked.

", the on-line subscription magazine covers all the significant sportscar and GT series worldwide, in a depth you’ll rarely find elsewhere – plus a whole lot more. The Le Mans 24 Hours, ALMS, FIA GT, LMES, Grand Am, British GTs, French GTs, Belcar, German GTs, JGTC - dailysportscar covers them all. News items are added daily, you’ll find photo galleries, interviews, features, historical items, the sportscar-talk forum…if it’s sportscars, we cover it. And all for a very reasonable £35 pa or dollar, euro equivalent."

While the site had hoped to fix their subscription accounting issues by the end of January, the open access still continues.

Directions: Go to the site (click on the link at the bottom of this page), then click on any feature you'd link to view. When prompted, enter the login user name and password described below and on their home page.

"We're limping along in 'safe mode' at the moment. There's an issue outside our control with the company that has been collecting subscriptions on dsc's behalf, and although that can be solved, we're going to have to wait a little longer before we can re-introduce the payment system, together with some more significant changes to the site. Until then, if your subscription expires, please log-in using dscfreebie and britcarnec as your Username / Password (which is the sample access we are offering to visitors to the Autosport Show. This will be available (approximately) until the end of January - or until the new payment system is in place."

[ ]


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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

SCCA Class Participation Status

DSR was the sixth most entered class (with 90 entries) in 18 National races held in 2007, through the end of March, for an average of 5.00 entries per race. Data was posted today for the number of National race entries for each class across the United States.

CSR ended the period in eleventh place with 69 entries (3.83 entries/race), while S2000 was in 25th place (29 entries, 1.55 entries/race) out of 30 total National classes.

You can click on the thumbnail image above right to see a larger version, or you can go to the SCCA's pdf file.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

New Photo Gallery Started

The Sports Racer Network has established a full feature SmugMug photo gallery as the latest enhancement for our readers. The new gallery allows the viewers to chose the format that best suits their taste, including the size of the images to match the viewers screen and detail interest.

Tom Clayton said, "In the past, we've been impressed with the presentation of various SmugMug galleries, and when it came time to choose a service, they were the natural choice." Because of the enhanced capabilities of the new gallery, all of photographs archived on the Sports Racer Network will be migrated over to the upgraded database.

Viewers of the Gallery can browse between different categories for events, types of cars, or technology images. People in search of specific topics can use keywords to focus in and view a gathered collection of images from all galleries that contain the topic of interest.

When viewing galleries, one can select between seven different styles for the images and their thumbnails to be displayed. When a viewer wants to see a different size of a photograph in a gallery, they are presented with choices for small, medium, large, and original. Since the overall gallery is a paid service, storage is not limited, allowing for large resolution photographs to be archived.

If you're inspired by our new photo gallery, try your own. If you choose to sign up, then use our referral code (o6HTt4DGPmo1M), and save $5 on the subscription fee.

[ Sports Racer Network SmugMug Photo Gallery ]


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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

GRM Offers Classifieds & Auctions

GRMonline, the official web site of Grassroots Motorsports magazine, now offers a very nice site for classified ads and auctions targeted toward the automotive enthusiast. Best of all, ads are FREE for 30 days and can include up to three photo at no charge.

Their service includes categories for Road Racing, Engines, Safety Equipment, Racing Equipment, Tires & Wheels, Towing, Transmissions / Chassis, Bodywork, Motorcycles, Misc., and Wanted. Of note is the Sports Racer sub-category under the Road Racing top category.

Site registration is required to post and ad or auction or to contact a seller.

It also appears that the site has a good search engine.

Prices for ad upgrades are:
$10 for a 3 month listing
$0.50 for additional photos
$50 to feature the ad
$2.50 to bold the listing
$5 for better placement

Auction listings are also free with a minor sale fee charged if the item is sold.

The site also notes that sellers and buyers alike enjoy many great benefits including...

# Global Exposure
# Personal Admin Pages
# Auto-Alert Feature
# Add-to-Favorites
# Signs & Flyers Feature
# Personal Messaging System
# Advanced Search Features
# Attention Getters

[ Grassroots Motorsports Marketplace - Ads & Auctions ]

[ GRMonline, web site of Grassroots Motorsports magazine ]


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Thursday, December 28, 2006

People's Car Gets New Home

The Open Source Sports Racer initiative is still alive and now has an improved website. Renny Clayton has obtained a domain name and offered up his server to host the new site. The group is a collection of folks interested in "A Sports Racer designed for the people, by the people".

Renny says, "We'll be able to store photos, files and even run blogs on the site down the road (for those interested in keeping an online build log)."

Participants in the previous Google discussion forum are highly encouraged to start contributing to new conversations on the new forum. Renny says he'll "start moving the conversations we've had from the Google group into the forums so that we have some historical context."

OSSR Original Concept

Your sports racer, your way

"Why pay overblown prices and put up with extended delivery times? You're in control of your own racing with the _____ Sports Racer - whether you want to build your own car from scratch, buy a turn-key racing machine, or anything in between."

[ The Open Source Sport Racer website ]


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Monday, December 04, 2006

2006 SCCA Runoffs DVDs On Sale

Just in time for the holidays, the 2006 SCCA National Championship Runoffs Commemorative DVD set Presented by Subaru is now available for purchase.

The nine-disk set can be ordered for only $29.95 through SCCA’s merchandise site, The sets are currently in production and will begin shipping approximately Dec. 11.

“We’re pleased to offer all 25 races from this year’s Runoffs in one collection for the first time in several years,” SCCA Director of Marketing Communications Eric Prill said. “We have to thank Subaru. Without its support, production costs would have been cost prohibitive.

“Just in time for the holidays, it’s the perfect gift for the racing fan in any household.”

Click here to order your 2006 Runoffs DVD set. The 2006 SCCA National Championship Runoffs DVD set Presented by Subaru is a limited-time offer and orders will only be taken while supplies last. Don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy championship racing year-round from the comfort of your home.


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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Radical Cup US Series in 2007

The series is comprised of 8 races within the Southeast U.S., with Radicals competing in three classes (1300cc, 1500cc, other) based on engine displacement. Race weekends will consist of a 90 minute endurance race and two 30 minute sprint races. Trophies will be awarded to the top three finishers in each class. Each participant will also be eligible to receive points towards the Radical Cup Championship.

Radical Sportscars has formed a new American subsidiary, to be known as “Radical North America”. The company will be headed by Larry Huang, US racing veteran and former technology entrepreneur, and Chris Hall, professional driver/instructor.

Radical North America will focus on developing a one-make Radical series, the Radical Cup, to complement the SCCA and IMSA-sanctioned series in which Radical owners currently compete. The new Radical subsidiary will also operate as a distributor in the Atlanta area.

The Radical Cup is an amateur racing series for owners of Radical Sportscars. Sponsored by Radical North America, the Radical Cup series is designed to provide a professional and family friendly weekend environment for both novice and experienced drivers, to safely experience the performance of their Radicals.

The Radical Cup, will run at venues including Sebring Raceway, Barber Motorsport Park, Daytona International Speedway and Homestead Miami International Raceway.

Radical North America will provide track side spare parts and technical support to all participants. Arrive and drive services, private coaching and data analysis will also be available.

Radical North America will also offer the innovative, “Rookie-to-Racer” program designed to safely and methodically help the rookie driver develop the skills necessary to compete in the Radical Cup. “The Radical Cup is not a professional or professional feeder series. If you aspire to be a professional paid driver we would be happy to refer you to an appropriate series,” says CEO Huang.

Huang reiterates, “The Rookie-to-Racer program and the Radical Cup series are targeted at automobile enthusiasts who have successful careers but are looking for a way to experience driving a technically advanced race car and to learn the skills associated with racing.”

Radical co-founder, Mick Hyde elaborates, “The US is a large market, with potential to be our biggest. With Larry and Chris now on board as part of the Radical team and with the help of our US distributors, I am confident that we can repeat our achievements in Europe, also in America.”

Huang says, “The Radical Cup is an appealing alternative to both aspiring and veteran racers. The combination of performance and safety, with lots of track time and low operating costs should be an attractive proposition for a wide range of potential competitors.”

Hall says, “Radicals are truly remarkable race cars. The combination of high power, low weight and high-downforce aerodynamics allow these cars to perform at levels that exceed purpose-built race cars costing significantly more. The use of well-proven designs and high quality engineering insures both reliability and low operation costs. In addition, Radical has incorporated the latest innovations in safety by using technologies developed for Le Mans prototype cars. The Radical provides a unique opportunity for both veterans and novice drivers to get involved in the race experience. Veterans can get in these cars and become competitive immediately, and it’s also fantastic for amateurs to learn in and grow with.”

[ Radical North America - Radical Cup ]


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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

$10K Prize for 2006 XSR Champions

Racing Concepts is offering $5K to both the 2006 CSR & DSR National Champions at the SCCA's Topeka Runoffs in September. The prize money will be paid to each winning driver if he/she is piloting a SPEADS RS04 to the victory.

See the Racing Concepts wedsite for more information or
contact Bob Schader directly for more details.


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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Locator Improved for Parts, Material, Services

In an effort to improve this site's offerings to the sports racer community, a "wiki" Locator has been set up. The idea is to have an collaborative collection of information on where to find things. Readers can also add their own sources, suggestions, testimonials, and other information to the list. In this way, the list is not just what one person has assembled, but what the entire xSR communitity has developed. Visitors can connect to the Locator via the Locator, Parts Sources, and Where Is ... links in the left column.

To edit any page in the wiki Locator, simply click on the "Edit this Page" button. Don't be intimidated by the need to use any fancy fomatting. The content is what matters. I can improve the look of things, if needed, after the information is there.


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Friday, November 04, 2005

Phoenix Offers Cash Prizes in 2006

Phoenix Race Cars, Inc. has announced their contingency award program for the 2006 racing year. The program allows drivers of the Phoenix DSR-1 and CSR-1 Sports Racers to earn cash prizes for winning races in SCCA (Sports Car Club of America). Not only do the incentives reach out to SCCA National competition, but also now includes prizes for winning SCCA Regional races.

“We initiated this contingency program as an incentive to our customers to get their cars out there and race,” said Matt Conrad, General Manager of Phoenix Race Cars, Inc. “We were the first Sports Racer manufacturer to offer such a program and we are definitely proactive in making sure we provide the best incentives possible.”

The breakdown of cash rewards is as follows:
Regional Race Win $100
National Race Win $250
Regional Championship $500
Division Championship $1,000
June Sprints Win $2,500
National Championship $5,000

Last year Jeremy Treadway was the only driver that cashed in on the program, earning $1,000 for his efforts in the Northeast Division. Unfortunately, while leading the CSR race at the Runoffs, an electrical gremlin in his Stonebridge Sports & Classics prepared CSR-1 scuttled his chances to earn the $5,000 prize for a SCCA National Championship victory.

In total, there is nearly $100,000 in available cash awards nationwide. Details on the program can be obtained by contacting Matt Conrad at 623.581.3222.

For more information, contact Matt Conrad at Phoenix Race Cars, Inc. at 623-581-3222 or visit them online at


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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Speed Channel SCCA Runoffs Broadcast to Air

Speed Channel coverage of the 2005 SCCA National Championship races starts on Nov. 13. Two races will be featured each weekend.

Note: The CSR Race will air on Sunday, November 13 at 2:00 PM EST.

Sun, Nov 13 1:00PM H Production
Sun, Nov 13 2:00PM C Sports Racer
Sun, Nov 20 5:00PM Showroom Stock B
Sun, Nov 20 6:00PM Sports 2000
Sat, Nov 26 1:00PM GTLite
Sat, Nov 26 2:00PM Touring 1
Sun, Nov 27 1:00PM G Production
Sun, Nov 27 2:00PM Formula Atlantic

The full schedule can be viewed on the Speed Channel site's Runoffs page.


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Friday, October 28, 2005

ADR North America Takes Over

ADR North America Aurora Motorsports has become ADR North America. Jonothan Benefield and Mark Johnson are the North American distributors for ADR Engineering UK and the new ADR3 race car. ADR NA will distribute cars, parts, and service throughout the US and Canada. The first 2 cars are in transit and will premier at the San Francisco Auto show 11/19 - 11/27. ADR NA will be based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Aurora Motorsports was started in 2002 to address the needs of the club racer in SCCA and other sactioning bodies. After 4 years in the American Le Mans and Grand American Series, they decided to focus on club racing. As racers themselves, they noticed most companies were focusing on the high end user with little or no attention being given to the "average" club racer. They set out to change that. Aurora began working with ADR Engineering in the UK. ADR was in the process of designing a new sports racer - the ADR Sports 2. After a visit to the factory and discussions with Adrian Daniels - the founder of ADR - it was decided to build a car that would bring the "Sports 2" to a completely different level. The ADR3 was designed to be one of, if not the, most versatile sports racers on the market.

After a whole lot of work, Rod Whedbee has decided to return to the ministry. And after some lengthy conversations has turned over Aurora Motosports to Jonothan Benefield and Mark Johnson, both of which share the same vision Rod had for the ADR3; building a fast, reliable, and affordable club race car.

Jonothan and Mark are now the North American distributors for ADR Engineering and the new company will be ADR Motorsports North America. Jonothan has been involved in auto racing since the 60's. Competing in Europe in many classes and events including F3 and LeMans. But his true passion is Sports Car racing. Recently he has been campaigning a CSR in the San Francisco Region of the SCCA. Mark got involved late in life and began racing two years ago, however he has won back to back CSR championships in the SCCA SF region.

For further details see the ADR North America web site.


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Friday, September 16, 2005

Reupert Shows New Engine & Arctic Cat Deal

Mike Reupert says, "I would like to invite everyone at the Runoffs to stop by garage # 20 and take a look at our latest DSR engine. It is a 2005 876cc four cylinder two stroke engine. It uses stock cylinders, pistons and heads from a 2005 Arctic Cat engine. I have been working on the design for 3 years, and started actually working on building the engine May 27th."

"I would also to announce Arctic Cat as a new sponsor on our car. More details to come. I hope this helps DSR continue to gain more respect and visibility and help give Arctic cat more exposure to all SCCA members.

The new engine for now uses the same Bendix Fuel injection that we have been using for 20 years. It is a constant flow style injection that is used in small airplanes. Full electronic injection will hopefully come in the next year.
The ignition is controlled by a Motec M-4 Pro ECU.
The engine does come from the factory with computer controlled exhaust timing (note-blocked off on picture above), but I am not sure it would be of any real advantage for road racing at the RPMs we run. (7,000 to 9,500 RPM)"

See more details on the Sports Racer forum here.


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Saturday, July 23, 2005

CSR Retains National Class Status

CSR participation in 2005 National races is now sufficient for the class to be cleared of its current one year probation. This year's strong rebound of driver support eliminates any question of the class' near future. In 2006, CSR is entitled to continue as both a National and Regional class.

After participation in 2004 wained below the trigger level of participation, CSR' status as a National class, was placed on probation for 2005. In essence, this required participation in the top 5 Divison to have an average of 3.5 participants per race. As of July 23, that average is 4.56/race and if no more entries are logged the year end average would still be 3.875/race.

For details see the 2005 CSR Participation Log.


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Friday, July 08, 2005

Stohr Racing Cars Now West Race Cars

Stohr Racing Cars, LLC, having been recapitalized by investors, has emerged from Chapter 11 with all vendors and creditors being paid in full. Now doing business as West Race Cars, the company has launched its new web site,

Sales and support for all Stohr race cars and parts will be provided by the West Race Cars. West holds exclusively all trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets in the manufacture of Stohr & West Race Cars.

West Race Cars is also announcing the release of its’ 2006 WR 1000 sports racers, WR Unlimited and the Renegade Spec Series prototype produced exclusively for the Australian based Renegade Prototype Series.

The WR 1000 car features a new crate motor Kawasaki ZX10R through a partnership with Muzzys Performance Products. The WR Unlimited supports big bore motor options such as the Kawasaki ZX12R available with the Muzzy Big Bore kit with displacement of 1427cc and the Suzuki Hayabusa.

West Race Cars is a world leading constructor of championship winning sports prototype race cars. With over 50 SCCA regional and national wins, 3 SCCA national championships to its credit - West Race Cars are Designed to Win™. West operates manufacturing facilities in Portland, Oregon and Adelaide, Australia.

To learn more about West Race Cars visit or call 503 283 1400.


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Friday, July 01, 2005

West Offers Muzzy Kawasaki Crate Engines

West Race Cars now has available new, "in the box" Kawasaki ZX-10R and ZX-12R engine assemblies direct from the factory. These engines are complete with throttle bodies, engine wiring harness, and coils, just as you would install into the chassis.

The ZX-10R produces approximately 174 rear wheel hp (motorcycle) with ram-air. As with all modern motorcycle engines, this is a modular unit which incorporates a 6 speed transmission and a slipper clutch. They have been bench tested before shipping from the factory and are ready to run or to serve as the basis for a race engine build.

West Race Cars also has custom designed wet sump and dry sump systems exclusively engineered for race car applications.

Engines are sold with no warranty.

You can read the related West press release, or

visit the West Race Cars website.


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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

CSR Participation Rebounds!

The level of participation in CSR at National races this year looks as though it will definitely surpass the minimum level required to overcome the current probation status.

The Divisions with the top level of participation have become clear. North East, South East, South West, Northern Pacific, & Southern Pacific Divisions have all averaged 3 CSR participants or more per race. While Mid West, Central, & Rocky Mountain Divisions have all averaged less then 2 CSR participants per race.

At the end of April, half of the total number of races in those top 5 Divisions have been completed (20 of 40 total). The current average for the top 5 Division is 5.05 participants per race. To achieve the required 3.5 participants/race average required to get off probation, only 39 more participants are need in the remaining 20 races in the "golden" Divisions. This is an average of 2 participants/race.

For details see the 2005 CSR Participation Log.


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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Treadway Claims First Maloy Prize $

Jeremy Treadway confirmed the previous rumor of his participation by entering the New Hampshire National on the weekend of April 31-May 01. Treadway went on to win the CSR race in a Maloy and claimed $500 in prize money from Phoenix Race Cars, Inc.

Treadway and Stonebridge Sports and Classics LTD of Bethel, Connecticut, began the weekend on Friday by struggling with new engine troubles in their new car. They broke the oil pump shaft for the engine's dry sump while on the way to pit lane for the first test of the Maloy CSR. The Kawasaki ZX-12 was repaired with with "Band-Aid" fabrication at a local shop and the team was back in business. The first qualifying session on Saturday was then used to check out the car during its first time on the track, while the second qual session was sacrificed to instead refine the setup.

Sunday's damp practice session provided opportunity for Treadway to gain confidence with slick tires on a damp track. He then used that knowledge to his advantage in the race. The weather also turned in his favor starting wet, but not stay that way, allowing a dry line to form and remain. Jeremy dominated the race from the first lap, besting a Swift Viking and a "tunneled" Stohr CSR.

Phoenix Race Cars, Inc. previously announced their $80K contingency prize program for both CSR and DSR class cars.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mazda Renesis Allowed in CSR

The SCCA Competition Rules Board has approved the Mazda 4 port Renesis engine to be used in C Sports Racers

The June Fastrack changes Section 17.1.5.A.2.a, p. 13, to add to the chart as follows:
Engine Type or Specific Engine: Mazda Renesis (4 Port),
Head Type: Non-peripheral port, non-bridge port,
Carburetion or Fuel Injection: FI: stock 70mm throttle body,
Weight (w/driver) carbed/fuel injected: NA / 1325 lbs,
Notes: The stock upper intake manifold (plastic) shall be retained.

Note that the 6 port Renesis engine is not included in the allowance. Both versions of the engine are available in the current edition of the Mazda RX8.

The 4 port engine is good for about 197 bhp @ 7,200 RPM, while the 6 port engine is rated at 247 to 238 bhp @ 8,500 RPM. Torque is in the area of 160 ft-lb at 5,500 RPM for both engines.


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Friday, March 25, 2005

Clayton Posts Thunderhill Photos

After completing several other site updates, web producer Tom Clayton finally made available 184 photos from last weekend's double National races at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, California.

Clayton took 72 of the photos, while Chris Plescia's wife provided the balance with shots taken on Saturday.

There are many close up photos of Stohr cars, with several examples of different aerodynamic theories demonstrated.

Most, if not all, of the top contenders from the weekend, in both CSR and DSR, are captured. Rennie Clayton is seen in technical inspection before Sunday's activities as disccussed in Tuesday's "rumor". He is also pictured on the left with John Chism (in the middle) and John Hill (on the right) in the CSR podium shot.

Thunderhill Nationals Photo Album

Read forum discussion on this race.


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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

CRB Wants Input on DSR Weight

The SCCA Club Racing Board has requested input on the idea of increasing the minimum weight for the DSR class from 900 lbs. to 1000 or 1100 lbs. The call went out for feedback from the club membership as published in the Fast Track section (see page F-50) of the April edition of SCCA's Sports Car mazagine.

"Based on observed and measured weights and current car construction practices in DSR, the CRB is looking for member input whether to increase weight in DSR motorcycle motors to 1,000 lbs or 1,100 lbs."
The current rules read, "Minimum weight of all chain and belt-drive [DSR] cars is 900 lbs, with driver. All other [DSR] cars are 1000 pounds, with driver."

Please write the Club Racing Board via email at, or using standard USPS mail at:

Club Racing Board, P.O. Box 19400 Topeka, KS 66619-0400.
It is recommended that you include your

  • Name
  • SCCA number
  • Position with regard to DSR: owner (past, present, future), driver (past, present, future), manufacturer, interested party, etc.
  • Opinion on the proposal
  • Reasonings supporting your opinion

Read forum discussion on this topic.


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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Engine Rules Adjusted for CSR

A Technical Service Bulletin (Acrobat file) will appear in the April edition of SCCA's FasTrack with the changes effective March 1, 2005.

CSR engine specification listed in the Sports Racer Category of the 2005 GCR have been changed, primarily to allow fuel injection on almost all choices, and to make competitive adjustments to minimum weights.

CSR engine choices remain vast with twenty types of alternatives listed.

See this table showing the changes.

Read forum discussion on this topic.


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Friday, February 04, 2005

Open Source SR Initiative Begins

An ambitious task has started. The goal is to develop a flexible racing platform that can be used across multiple racing classes, in which individual component assemblies could be combined into a complete car, interchanged, or incorporated into ones own application with a minimum of fuss.

The concept is patterned after successful open source software projects such as the Linux operating system for personal computers.

The idea is to design, source, and provide instructional material for constructing (or buying) a proper sports racer along with all of the associated sub-assemblies.

The consortium working on this will be a single source providing people, who are inclined but lack the skills or experience, a full-on roadmap for how to construct a car from start to finish, hold their hands and at every step of the way have explanations for why and how things were done the way they were. If those explanations and rationale are provided, upper level individuals still have the freedom to diverge from the roadmap as they see fit to accomplish their own goals.

Rennie Clayton, SCCA's 2003 Formula Atlantic National Champion, has spearheaded this effort an gathered individuals interested in the project.

To follow along with the group's discussions, or to join the group, visit the Open Source Sports Racer Initiative's Google group.

Read forum discussion on this topic.


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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Phoenix Partners with George Dean

Phoenix Race Cars, Inc. will offer its Maloy DSR-1 race car with a Suzuki GSX-R1000 engine factory, installed and ready to race. Several different standard engine packages will be available in both wet-sump and dry-sump versions.

All engines for the Phoenix, AZ based company are being built by George Dean Racing Engines in Seattle, WA. Each engine will be completely disassembled, inspected, blueprinted and reassembled as specified in the package selected by the buyer. Each engine will come with a dyno sheet and a short video clip of the dyno run as well.

The first engine has been delivered and installed in a new Maloy DSR-1 and additional in-car testing will begin shortly. Final pricing for the turn-key Maloy DSR-1 cars will range from $48,000 with a fairly stock wet-sump engine to over $55,000 for a highly modified version with a custom dry sump system.

“This is a great opportunity for me to achieve my goal of winning the SCCA runoffs with one of my engines. The combination of our Suzuki GSX-R1000 engines and the Maloy DSR-1 will be tough to beat on the track. I’m really looking forward to this relationship!” says George Dean.

Phoenix Race Cars, Inc. was recently formed to take over the manufacturing and distribution of the Maloy DSR/CSR race car from Maloy Racing in Albuquerque, NM. Contact Matt Conrad, General Manager at 623.581.3222.

George Dean Racing Engines provides engines to many successful DSR competitors and is located in Mountlake Terrace, WA. George Dean can be reached at 425.778.4431.

Read forum discussion on this topic.


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Monday, January 31, 2005

Maloy $80K Prize Program

Phoenix Race Cars, Inc. has defined themselves as a leadering manufacturer of sports racers by offering a contingency award program worth approximately $80K*. Drivers who win with a Maloy sports racer, in either the D or C Sports Racing classes of SCCA, will earn cash prizes.

This formalized incentive program provides a $500 cash prize for any Maloy driver that wins an SCCA National event in either CSR or DSR.

In addition, a win at the June Sprints event will be worth $2,500, and a National Championship win at the SCCA Runoffs will pay the driver $5,000. There are a few requirements to this program, so check the details.

This program was initially offered only for the DSR class, but was quickly extended to include CSR as well. to encourage participation for that class which is on probation in 2005.

*$80K = 2 classes x [ $5K + $2.5K + ($500 X ~65 National races) ]

For details on the program, contact:
Matt Conrad
General Manager
Phoenix Race Cars, Inc.,

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ADR Seeks West Coast Distributor

Aurora Motorsports is looking for a West Coast Dealer to sell and finish ADR sports racers. Cars available will be the ADR1000 DSR car and the ADR Sport 2 CSR car.

Preference will be given to an individual or party currently running DSR/CSR or with a history in the classes. Commitment to CSR/DSR is a prerequisite.

A Central or North Central dealer may be considered.

Aurora Motorsports earlier announced that they will be importing the sports racers designed and manufactured by ADR Engineering UK. The ADR cars were featured in the December 2004/January 2005 edition (Issue 57) of Race Tech magazine.

For details, contact:

Rod Whedbee
Aurora Motorsports
210 Hill St, #19
Salisbury, NC 28144

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Stohr Racing Cars, LLC is For Sale

textStohr Racing Cars has been engaged in conversations with several interested parties, and is actively discussing and soliciting offers to purchase the overall business. Stohr Racing Cars owns all of the design, molds, fixtures and names associated with the championship winning product with which people have become familiar.

Founding designer, Lee Stohr said, "As a shareholder in Stohr Racing Cars LLC, I want to see the best outcome for that company. We are all trying to satisfy the Stohr customers, creditors, shareholders and do what's best for the DSR/CSR class of racing."

If you would like additional information regarding the company and sale, please contact Ben Odenborg via email or by phone at 503.283.1400 ext 10.

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

2004 Most Significant Contributor

Tom Clayton, web producer of the Sports Racer Network, named Curt Anderson as the 2004 Most Significant Contributor to the web site's content.

Of the 150+ cars with chassis pages on the site, Curt provided material which was used for at least 21 car pages last year. He provided information on cars that he owned (while not trying to sell them), and ones with which he was familiar. He also scanned publications to provide photos and transcribed articles whose text was quoted. Curt also contacted other cars owners and encouraged them to document their sports racers.

As a gift of appreciation, Curt was presented with a 3-Car Hot Wheels® Collector Set of 1:43 die-cast vintage racers. FAO Schwarz offered this exclusive Motor Trend Magazine Vintage Racing Series. The set includes: the Scarab, Ferrari 365 GTS/4 'Daytona', and Porsche 356.

Tom Clayton offered, "Thanks to Curt, the other content contributors, and those that have helped support the site through donation and recent Amazon purchases."

Tom further expressed, "thanks to Jack Poller for providing space on his server which hosts the Sports Racer Network. Jack, like me, had a very strong interest in DSR several years back, but has had changes of priorities in his life which has postponed fulfilment of his dream of racing one. The SNR would not exist in it presnt state if it were not for the generous hosting of Racer.Net."

The Sports Racer Network has grown considerably over the last 4 years. The site started with a focus on DSR, then expanded to cover CSR, H Modified (as well as G, F, and others), and a bit of S2000. In fact, the scope has opened up to include amateur sports racers in general, while leaving coverage of the large displacement vintage cars other sites. As the site has evolved, it has assisted several new cars (which did not, and some still do not, have web sites of their own) to be introduced to the market and become popular.

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Saturday, January 01, 2005

CSR Class Needs Entries in 2005

SCCA's C Sports Racer class is in jeopardy of loosing it's status as a National class after finishing 2004 with participation below the minimum level. Additional National entries in 2005 are now needed for the class to raise its average participation level above the threshold and get past its current probation.

2004 CSR National average entries by division, were
  • 3.70 South East
  • 3.50 Central
  • 3.20 Southern Pacific
  • 2.22 North East
  • 2.12 Northern Pacific
  • 2.00 Rocky Mountain
  • 1.50 South West
  • 1.00 Mid West

So, the push for 2005 is to improve the number of qualifiers at Nationals in four key Divisions (SP, NE, NP, & RM), while at least maintaining the previous participation in the SE & CE Divisions. Each qualifier's participation counts toward the Division that is hosting the National race (not the Division of record for the driver or entrant).

*Note that the key number at each event is the number of qualifiers (including race starters) , not the number of entries or race finishers.

Ideas that could help the participation count:

  1. DSR drivers can qualify their car as a CSR, then either race as a DSR or CSR, with the entry counting toward CSR participation.
  2. With two qualifying sessions, or long enough single qualifying sessions, two drivers could qualify a single car, and count as two entries even with a single car.
  3. Drivers who can choose between entering Nationals in different divisions should evaluate whether their participation will add to one of the top five divisions. If not, the enter is not materially contributing to the survival effort.
  4. DSR drivers can double their fun by entering both CSR & DSR. In areas where both classes are on track in the same run group, participants can request (or partition) for one of the classes to be put into a different run group to allow double entries.

To follow along with the progress, check the
CSR 2005 National entry watch.

GCR 17.1.11. states:
A National Championship class shall retain its National Championship status as long as the average number of qualifiers [which includes race starters] remains at 3.5 or more per event, in the top five (5) divisions per class.

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