Saturday, July 23, 2005

CSR Retains National Class Status

CSR participation in 2005 National races is now sufficient for the class to be cleared of its current one year probation. This year's strong rebound of driver support eliminates any question of the class' near future. In 2006, CSR is entitled to continue as both a National and Regional class.

After participation in 2004 wained below the trigger level of participation, CSR' status as a National class, was placed on probation for 2005. In essence, this required participation in the top 5 Divison to have an average of 3.5 participants per race. As of July 23, that average is 4.56/race and if no more entries are logged the year end average would still be 3.875/race.

For details see the 2005 CSR Participation Log.