Sunday, May 01, 2005

Treadway Claims First Maloy Prize $

Jeremy Treadway confirmed the previous rumor of his participation by entering the New Hampshire National on the weekend of April 31-May 01. Treadway went on to win the CSR race in a Maloy and claimed $500 in prize money from Phoenix Race Cars, Inc.

Treadway and Stonebridge Sports and Classics LTD of Bethel, Connecticut, began the weekend on Friday by struggling with new engine troubles in their new car. They broke the oil pump shaft for the engine's dry sump while on the way to pit lane for the first test of the Maloy CSR. The Kawasaki ZX-12 was repaired with with "Band-Aid" fabrication at a local shop and the team was back in business. The first qualifying session on Saturday was then used to check out the car during its first time on the track, while the second qual session was sacrificed to instead refine the setup.

Sunday's damp practice session provided opportunity for Treadway to gain confidence with slick tires on a damp track. He then used that knowledge to his advantage in the race. The weather also turned in his favor starting wet, but not stay that way, allowing a dry line to form and remain. Jeremy dominated the race from the first lap, besting a Swift Viking and a "tunneled" Stohr CSR.

Phoenix Race Cars, Inc. previously announced their $80K contingency prize program for both CSR and DSR class cars.

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