Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mazda Renesis Allowed in CSR

The SCCA Competition Rules Board has approved the Mazda 4 port Renesis engine to be used in C Sports Racers

The June Fastrack changes Section 17.1.5.A.2.a, p. 13, to add to the chart as follows:
Engine Type or Specific Engine: Mazda Renesis (4 Port),
Head Type: Non-peripheral port, non-bridge port,
Carburetion or Fuel Injection: FI: stock 70mm throttle body,
Weight (w/driver) carbed/fuel injected: NA / 1325 lbs,
Notes: The stock upper intake manifold (plastic) shall be retained.

Note that the 6 port Renesis engine is not included in the allowance. Both versions of the engine are available in the current edition of the Mazda RX8.

The 4 port engine is good for about 197 bhp @ 7,200 RPM, while the 6 port engine is rated at 247 to 238 bhp @ 8,500 RPM. Torque is in the area of 160 ft-lb at 5,500 RPM for both engines.