Tuesday, March 08, 2005

CRB Wants Input on DSR Weight

The SCCA Club Racing Board has requested input on the idea of increasing the minimum weight for the DSR class from 900 lbs. to 1000 or 1100 lbs. The call went out for feedback from the club membership as published in the Fast Track section (see page F-50) of the April edition of SCCA's Sports Car mazagine.

"Based on observed and measured weights and current car construction practices in DSR, the CRB is looking for member input whether to increase weight in DSR motorcycle motors to 1,000 lbs or 1,100 lbs."
The current rules read, "Minimum weight of all chain and belt-drive [DSR] cars is 900 lbs, with driver. All other [DSR] cars are 1000 pounds, with driver."

Please write the Club Racing Board via email at crb@scca.com, or using standard USPS mail at:

Club Racing Board, P.O. Box 19400 Topeka, KS 66619-0400.
It is recommended that you include your

  • Name
  • SCCA number
  • Position with regard to DSR: owner (past, present, future), driver (past, present, future), manufacturer, interested party, etc.
  • Opinion on the proposal
  • Reasonings supporting your opinion

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