Monday, January 31, 2005

Maloy $80K Prize Program

Phoenix Race Cars, Inc. has defined themselves as a leadering manufacturer of sports racers by offering a contingency award program worth approximately $80K*. Drivers who win with a Maloy sports racer, in either the D or C Sports Racing classes of SCCA, will earn cash prizes.

This formalized incentive program provides a $500 cash prize for any Maloy driver that wins an SCCA National event in either CSR or DSR.

In addition, a win at the June Sprints event will be worth $2,500, and a National Championship win at the SCCA Runoffs will pay the driver $5,000. There are a few requirements to this program, so check the details.

This program was initially offered only for the DSR class, but was quickly extended to include CSR as well. to encourage participation for that class which is on probation in 2005.

*$80K = 2 classes x [ $5K + $2.5K + ($500 X ~65 National races) ]

For details on the program, contact:
Matt Conrad
General Manager
Phoenix Race Cars, Inc.,

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