Saturday, January 01, 2005

CSR Class Needs Entries in 2005

SCCA's C Sports Racer class is in jeopardy of loosing it's status as a National class after finishing 2004 with participation below the minimum level. Additional National entries in 2005 are now needed for the class to raise its average participation level above the threshold and get past its current probation.

2004 CSR National average entries by division, were
  • 3.70 South East
  • 3.50 Central
  • 3.20 Southern Pacific
  • 2.22 North East
  • 2.12 Northern Pacific
  • 2.00 Rocky Mountain
  • 1.50 South West
  • 1.00 Mid West

So, the push for 2005 is to improve the number of qualifiers at Nationals in four key Divisions (SP, NE, NP, & RM), while at least maintaining the previous participation in the SE & CE Divisions. Each qualifier's participation counts toward the Division that is hosting the National race (not the Division of record for the driver or entrant).

*Note that the key number at each event is the number of qualifiers (including race starters) , not the number of entries or race finishers.

Ideas that could help the participation count:

  1. DSR drivers can qualify their car as a CSR, then either race as a DSR or CSR, with the entry counting toward CSR participation.
  2. With two qualifying sessions, or long enough single qualifying sessions, two drivers could qualify a single car, and count as two entries even with a single car.
  3. Drivers who can choose between entering Nationals in different divisions should evaluate whether their participation will add to one of the top five divisions. If not, the enter is not materially contributing to the survival effort.
  4. DSR drivers can double their fun by entering both CSR & DSR. In areas where both classes are on track in the same run group, participants can request (or partition) for one of the classes to be put into a different run group to allow double entries.

To follow along with the progress, check the
CSR 2005 National entry watch.

GCR 17.1.11. states:
A National Championship class shall retain its National Championship status as long as the average number of qualifiers [which includes race starters] remains at 3.5 or more per event, in the top five (5) divisions per class.

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