Friday, February 04, 2005

Open Source SR Initiative Begins

An ambitious task has started. The goal is to develop a flexible racing platform that can be used across multiple racing classes, in which individual component assemblies could be combined into a complete car, interchanged, or incorporated into ones own application with a minimum of fuss.

The concept is patterned after successful open source software projects such as the Linux operating system for personal computers.

The idea is to design, source, and provide instructional material for constructing (or buying) a proper sports racer along with all of the associated sub-assemblies.

The consortium working on this will be a single source providing people, who are inclined but lack the skills or experience, a full-on roadmap for how to construct a car from start to finish, hold their hands and at every step of the way have explanations for why and how things were done the way they were. If those explanations and rationale are provided, upper level individuals still have the freedom to diverge from the roadmap as they see fit to accomplish their own goals.

Rennie Clayton, SCCA's 2003 Formula Atlantic National Champion, has spearheaded this effort an gathered individuals interested in the project.

To follow along with the group's discussions, or to join the group, visit the Open Source Sports Racer Initiative's Google group.

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