Tuesday, May 03, 2005

CSR Participation Rebounds!

The level of participation in CSR at National races this year looks as though it will definitely surpass the minimum level required to overcome the current probation status.

The Divisions with the top level of participation have become clear. North East, South East, South West, Northern Pacific, & Southern Pacific Divisions have all averaged 3 CSR participants or more per race. While Mid West, Central, & Rocky Mountain Divisions have all averaged less then 2 CSR participants per race.

At the end of April, half of the total number of races in those top 5 Divisions have been completed (20 of 40 total). The current average for the top 5 Division is 5.05 participants per race. To achieve the required 3.5 participants/race average required to get off probation, only 39 more participants are need in the remaining 20 races in the "golden" Divisions. This is an average of 2 participants/race.

For details see the 2005 CSR Participation Log.