Monday, March 19, 2007

New Photo Gallery Started

The Sports Racer Network has established a full feature SmugMug photo gallery as the latest enhancement for our readers. The new gallery allows the viewers to chose the format that best suits their taste, including the size of the images to match the viewers screen and detail interest.

Tom Clayton said, "In the past, we've been impressed with the presentation of various SmugMug galleries, and when it came time to choose a service, they were the natural choice." Because of the enhanced capabilities of the new gallery, all of photographs archived on the Sports Racer Network will be migrated over to the upgraded database.

Viewers of the Gallery can browse between different categories for events, types of cars, or technology images. People in search of specific topics can use keywords to focus in and view a gathered collection of images from all galleries that contain the topic of interest.

When viewing galleries, one can select between seven different styles for the images and their thumbnails to be displayed. When a viewer wants to see a different size of a photograph in a gallery, they are presented with choices for small, medium, large, and original. Since the overall gallery is a paid service, storage is not limited, allowing for large resolution photographs to be archived.

If you're inspired by our new photo gallery, try your own. If you choose to sign up, then use our referral code (o6HTt4DGPmo1M), and save $5 on the subscription fee.

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