Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NAMEC Teams with NASA for 2008

NASA-Texas and the North American Modern Endurance Challenge (NAMEC) have announced that they agree to partner to bring endurance racing to Texas for Sports Racer class cars. The growing number of Sports Racer owners now have an opportunity for more races in an endurance format. Where sprint races are usually 25 to 30 minutes, NAMEC/NASA will provide 5 events of 1 or 1.5 hours each and one event of 4 hours in 2008. This series takes its cue from the very popular and very competitive V. de V. modern endurance series in Europe.

"We are excited about adding a class of high performance, purpose built race cars to our racing community. The added challenge of endurance racing for these cars should make it an interesting and exciting series", says Shannon Matus, President of NASA-TX.

Andrew Campbell, Director of NAMEC went on to say, "We hope to build NAMEC to a big series like those run in Europe. We started NAMEC earlier in 2007 in California in cooperation with NASA and there has been a lot of interest. Bringing the series to Texas will provide the same opportunity for this region of the country. These are the fastest open cockpit two seat sports racers short of the $1M plus, ALMS LMP cars. This series offers a real endurance race experience for the club racer."

The events will be held at the popular road courses in Texas. The new Eagle's Canyon in Slidell will be an interesting new addition to the tracks in 2008.

* February 9-10 - MSR Houston
* March 15-16 - MSR-Cresson
* April 19-20 - Texas World Speedway (4 hour)
* June 21-22 - Eagle's Canyon or Hallett (TBD)
* August 2-3 - TWS
* October 18-19 - Eagle's Canyon

Four classes invite most Sports Racers

NAMEC offers four classes:

1. The CN and CM classes use similar rules as the V. de V. in Europe and is composed of two seat, car and motorcycle engine based Sports Racers.
2. The SR classes are composed of any SCCA legal CSR or DSR or SRF classes excluding converted Atlantics.
3. Rules can be viewed on this site and are being modified to accommodate the SR class car's refueling requirements during the endurance format.
4. Cash prizes have been committed for the first race and sponsors are welcome for the remaining races.
5. Points will be awarded toward the series championship per the NAMEC Rules.
6. All participants are invited to the 25 Hours of Thunderhill to cap off the 2008 season.

Entry fees will be similar to typical NASA fees for enduros. The details will be provided as soon as they are finalized.

Contact dean@motorsports-sw.com or info@nasatx.com for more information and to reserve a spot on the starting grid.

Useful links to information:

[ www.nasatx.com ]

[ www.motorsports-sw.com/namec ]

[ www.vdev.fr/New_en/accueil.php ]