Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fusion $5K Incentive Program

Fusion Racecars have announced a new program to rev up sales of the new FRC-07. The first 5 retail customers to order a new car will receive a $5000 credit that can be used for items such as; spare wheels, data system upgrades, AP Racing air jacks and endurance lighting kit etc.

Both the moto powered (Kawasaki ZX-14/Quaife) and auto powered (2.0L Mazda Duratec/Hewland) cars are eligible.

The cars will be delivered ready to race including an AIM data system and a fitted drivers seat… just add fuel and someone to warm the left seat and you are ready to go.

They are also eligible to run in a variety of sanctioning bodies, series and even track days with the passenger seat installed (also included).

Before starting construction we had the Chassis approved by SCCA and the car can also run with CACC, NASA, the Modern Endurance Championship and many more.

The announcement was made only two weeks after a successful test of the first Fusion FRC-07 at Stratotech Park, Fort Saskatchewan Alberta, Canada.

“It was a short test” said Fusion president, Dennis Bainbridge “but we accomplished our goals. The car was stable, well balanced and very strong."

The Stratotech test came the day after the car was on display in the GT paddock of the Champcar race in Edmonton, Canada.


For more information contact Dennis Bainbridge,
604-618-2234 or

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