Sunday, July 01, 2007

Roebling: Downing Double, Liverato Record

Story by Bruce Dover from the SCCA News page.

BLOOMINGDALE, Ga. (July 3 , 2007) -
The racing at Roebling Road Raceway for the Lou Ella Cook Memorial 27th Annual SEDiv Double National was as hot as the weather. Twelve track records were set over the course of the weekend at the 2.02-mile road course just outside of Savannah, Ga. Obviously, the re-paving done over the winter agrees with the track and racers. Luckily, those infamous late afternoon thunderstorms, so prevalent in Georgia in the summertime, held off until after the racing was done on both days.


Race 3 - (FA, FB, FM, CSR, DSR S2)
After an early lead by polesitter Dorian Foyil, of Nassau, Bahamas, the D Sports Racing car of Jean-Luc Liverato of Alpharetta, Ga., and the Formula Atlantic of Canadian Jacek Mucha swapped the lead until Liverato took it for good on lap seven, going on to win the DSR class by 20.717 seconds over Foyil and setting a new DSR class record of 1:04.466. Mucha took the Formula Atlantic win over Ben Johnson by 6.724 seconds.

Jim Downing of Atlanta, Ga., took the C Sports Racing win and Ken Tyrell, of Tallahassee, Fla., won FB and set a new FB class record of 1:08.603. In Formula Mazda, defending National Champion James Goughary, of Jupiter, Fla., won over David Donovan by 2.795 seconds.

Race 4 – (SRF)
A group of Florida drivers put on quite the show in the Spec Racer Ford race. Mark Eaton, Brian Schofield and Nathan Offutt swapped the lead seemingly every lap. On lap eight, Eaton took the lead for good, but the battle behind him never let up. Schofield and Offutt were eventually joined by Jordon Gore and Andrew Charbonneau. Each of them ran in second place at one time or another during the remainder of the race, with Schofield ending up on the second step of the podium, 9.733 seconds behind Eaton, but only 0.280 seconds ahead of Gore, who was only 0.173 seconds ahead of Charbonneau.


Race 3 – (FA, FB, FM, CSR, DSR, S2)
Saturday’s winner, Jean-Luc Liverato, dropped out after only six laps, making life much easier for Dorian Foyil, who won the D Sports Racing competition by a minute. In Formula Atlantic, Jacek Mucha won again over Ben Johnson, this time by 46.799 seconds.

There may have been only two C Sports Racers running, but they had one heck of a battle. John Zuccarelli III managed to take the lead from Jim Downing early, but when they got into lapped traffic on lap nine, Downing was able to regain the lead and hold off Zuccarelli for the win by 7.584 seconds.

Formula Mazda win was again taken by James Goughary over David Donovan by 3.838 seconds.

Race 4 – (SRF)
Once again, the Spec Racer Ford race offered the most excitement of the day. Mark Eaton, Matthew Inge, Mick Robinson, Jordan Gore, Nathan Offutt, Brian Schofield and Andrew Charbonneau all contributed to an outstanding race. Eaton took the lead from Robinson on lap two, but then dropped out on the following lap, allowing Robinson to take over. On lap four, Inge took the lead again, but four laps later Offutt was out in front. Offutt then dropped back to fourth as Schofield slipped into the lead on lap 10. Charbonneau slowly worked his way to the front from a ninth-place start and took the lead on lap 14. He was able to hold the lead until lap 20 when Schofield snatched the lead again. It was all Schofield could do to keep Charbonneau behind him and squeak out a win by just 0.077-second!

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