Monday, January 14, 2008

NAMEC 2008 Schedule Finalized

North American Modern Endurance Championship and NASA announce dates and venues for their 2008 endurance races for CSR/DSR, CN, C3, and SRF Sports Racers to run in Texas and Oklahoma. Each NAMEC enduro will run in one dedicated run group ( Sports Racers only) consisting of the 4 classes. Each race will include a 20 minute practice session and a 20 minute qualifying session.

January 14, 2008: Schedule for 2008 in cooperation with NASA-TX

* February 9-10 MSR Houston (1 hour 45 minute enduro)
* March 15-16 MSR Cresson (1 hour 45 minute enduro)
* April 19-20 Texas World Speedway 2.9 Counter Clockwise w/ 4 hour enduro
* June 21-22 Hallet (1 hour 45 minute enduro)
* August 2-3 Texas World Speedway 2.9 Clockwise (1 hour 45 minute enduro)
* October 11-12 Eagles Canyon (1 hour 45 minute enduro)

Race Format

Each NAMEC enduro will run in one dedicated run group ( Sports Racers only) consisting of the 4 classes below. NASA cars will be running in their own prospective groups with the exception of the April TWS race where all NAMEC and NASA enduro cars will run in the same group. Each race will include a 20 minute practice session and a 20 minute qualifying session.

Cars will run in 4 classes:

1) CN - ADR3, Norma, Chiron, etc.
1,000cc or less weight 480kg - 1,056lb
1,300cc weight 500kg - 1,100lb
1,600cc weight 520kg - 1,144lb
2,000cc weight 540kg - 1,188lb

2) C3 - Radical
1,000cc or less weight 505kg - 1,111lb
1,300cc weight 540kg - 1,188lb
1,600cc weight 565kg - 1,243lb

3) Spec Racer Fords- SCCA Specs apply

4) CSR/DSR Class- All 2.3L and under sports racers excluding converted Formula Atlantic cars. SCCA specs apply. Eligible cars include but are not limited to: West, Diasio, Phoenix, Elan, Fusion, Gloria, Johnston, Mallen-Alley, Speads, Stohr, MSR.


The detailed schedule of the events for the weekend of February 9/10 will be up on the NASA site soon. When I get those I will email the schedule to everyone on the email list.

Entry Fees

Entry fees are $475. For an additional fee, cars in these 4 NAMEC classes are also invited to run in the NASA sprint races in the Super Unlimited group. This will include practice, qualifying and 4 sprint races. This is a total of over 4 hours of track time for the weekend not counting the test and tune day on Friday. You can enter one race at a time or multiple races.

An annual NAMEC license and NASA license are required and can be obtained by having a valid competition license from NASA, SCCA or FIA. Details of licensing is described below. This is a one time annual requirement.


The 1 hour 45 minute enduros can have 1 driver or 2. The 4 hour enduro requires at least two and no more than 4 drivers.


There will be one mandatory timed fueling stop for the 1 hr 45 min enduros to accommodate cars without dry break fueling. More for the 4 hour race.


CN and C3 cars max octane is 104. Fuel is open for 2008 for SRF and DSR/CSR.


Tires are open for 2008. We are working on a tire contingency program with Goodyear and hope to have that worked out in the next few days.

Trophies and Prize Money

Each class with more than 3 entrants will be awarded:

First Place: $150, Trophy and NAMEC Shirt

Second Place: $75, Trophy and NAMEC Shirt

Third Place: $50 and NAMEC Shirt

As the size of the classes grow through the year and as we can attract new sponsors, we will increase the prize money.


For more information see
[ North American Modern Endurance Championship ]


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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Elva 50th Anniv Updates

The SVRA Vintage Races at Sebring March 12-15, 2008, will honor the 50th Anniversary of Elva sports racers at Sebring. There has been a $100.00 reduction for all US based Elva entries, and complementary entries for non US Elva entries. There is no requirement for FIA paperwork or special licenses. For those travelling extra long distances, do keep in mind that there are additional racing opportunities both before and after the Elva event and details are available from the organising groups HSR and SVRA websites. There is also the Amelia Island Concours the previous weekend.

Accommodation is at a premium as already announced on this website so do get something booked soonest. It could be worth considering an RV to avoid too much driving and possible traffic delays. There will be special Elva events within the Sebring meeting and all details will be advised over the coming weeks. Race schedules will be confirmed in early January, but again do PLEASE make contact with the SVRA to help them plan this event to best advantage.

Some contact info:

and for UK shipping email Gordon Palmer on or David of Autofreight on

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NAMEC Teams with NASA for 2008

NASA-Texas and the North American Modern Endurance Challenge (NAMEC) have announced that they agree to partner to bring endurance racing to Texas for Sports Racer class cars. The growing number of Sports Racer owners now have an opportunity for more races in an endurance format. Where sprint races are usually 25 to 30 minutes, NAMEC/NASA will provide 5 events of 1 or 1.5 hours each and one event of 4 hours in 2008. This series takes its cue from the very popular and very competitive V. de V. modern endurance series in Europe.

"We are excited about adding a class of high performance, purpose built race cars to our racing community. The added challenge of endurance racing for these cars should make it an interesting and exciting series", says Shannon Matus, President of NASA-TX.

Andrew Campbell, Director of NAMEC went on to say, "We hope to build NAMEC to a big series like those run in Europe. We started NAMEC earlier in 2007 in California in cooperation with NASA and there has been a lot of interest. Bringing the series to Texas will provide the same opportunity for this region of the country. These are the fastest open cockpit two seat sports racers short of the $1M plus, ALMS LMP cars. This series offers a real endurance race experience for the club racer."

The events will be held at the popular road courses in Texas. The new Eagle's Canyon in Slidell will be an interesting new addition to the tracks in 2008.

* February 9-10 - MSR Houston
* March 15-16 - MSR-Cresson
* April 19-20 - Texas World Speedway (4 hour)
* June 21-22 - Eagle's Canyon or Hallett (TBD)
* August 2-3 - TWS
* October 18-19 - Eagle's Canyon

Four classes invite most Sports Racers

NAMEC offers four classes:

1. The CN and CM classes use similar rules as the V. de V. in Europe and is composed of two seat, car and motorcycle engine based Sports Racers.
2. The SR classes are composed of any SCCA legal CSR or DSR or SRF classes excluding converted Atlantics.
3. Rules can be viewed on this site and are being modified to accommodate the SR class car's refueling requirements during the endurance format.
4. Cash prizes have been committed for the first race and sponsors are welcome for the remaining races.
5. Points will be awarded toward the series championship per the NAMEC Rules.
6. All participants are invited to the 25 Hours of Thunderhill to cap off the 2008 season.

Entry fees will be similar to typical NASA fees for enduros. The details will be provided as soon as they are finalized.

Contact or for more information and to reserve a spot on the starting grid.

Useful links to information:

[ ]

[ ]

[ ]


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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Elva 50th Anniv at Sebring

This is an open invitation to all ELVA owners to participate in this wonderful SVRA event. The SVRA Vintage Races at Sebring 2008 will honour the 50th Anniversary of Elva sports racers and those who drove in the 1958 meeting which included 'Doc' Wyllie, Chuck Dietrich, Burdette Martin, 'Rip' Ripley, Bill Milliken, Cameron Argentsinger, John Bentley and Frank Baptista all of whom entered Elva Mk.II and Mk.III sports racers in the 12-hour race.

However for 2008 all Elva sports racers, Couriers and the Formula Juniors are invited to attend and race on the world famous 4-mile track. The SVRA are known for well organised and spectacular events and this will be a meeting NOT to be missed! There will be a special Elva paddock, displays and reception party plus a chance to be part of an escorted drive to downtown Sebring for selected cars.

A full 3-day HSR meeting will be held at Sebring the first week in March, and the SVRA will have additional events before and after the main Sebring vintage race. In all a great start to the season and a great opportunity to attend a fabulous and historic race circuit. Elva entries from overseas will be granted free entries and the Entry Forms will be available soon at

There will be regular updates on this official Elva website. More detailed information available from Bob Engberg who has been instrumental in setting this particular ball rolling (thank you Bob) via or from Roger Dunbar at Elva via regarding UK/European entries. Grateful thanks to Jack Woerle at the SVRA for his input and enthusiasm, so now let's make it happen and I look forward to seeing you there!

For more information and updates, see
[ ]

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Reno Historics To Feature H-Mod Reunion

The Reno Historic Races will honor the H-Modified racing class, the longest-lived internationally sanctioned racing class in existence, at this year's event. The fourth annual Reno Historic Races will take place May 4 through 6 at the Reno-Fernley Raceway, located at 1855 Hwy 95A, 30 minutes east of Reno, Nevada.

The Reno Historic Races delivers an exciting blend of historic production and special purpose-built racecars. The world-class historic cars are divided into groups according to make, age and horsepower. A typical representation includes racecars from prestigious manufacturers such as Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche and Corvette that were raced in great series such as Formula One, Can-Am, and Winston Cup stock cars. One of the more notable features of the event is its "open paddock," which allows spectators the opportunity to walk right up to the valued vehicles and interact with the driver and crew.

Out of an entry list of more than 100 esteemed historic race cars will be a score of H-Mod cars. Better known today as the DSR class, these smaller, lighter, and lower displacement cars originally came from Italian and French factories in the early 1950s to meet the demand for increased sophistication in handling and style for race cars. Enthusiasts caught on, and quickly built even more limited production specials that used available production running components in highly innovative and modified lightweight bodies. H-Mod cars have made significant contributions to motor sports in terms of technological innovation and driver development.

The Reno Historic Races is pleased to have as its special guest Reno resident Tony Settember, one of only a handful of American drivers to have ever participated in Formula One racing. Settember competed in seven grand prix during his racing career: his best result was second place in the non-title 1963 Austrian Grand Prix on the Zeltweg aerodrome, behind Jack Brabham. In addition to Settember's European exploits, he competed in what is regarded as the highest level of sports car racing in North America: the Can-Am Series and the United States Road Racing Championship, driving a Webster, a Genie, and a Lola. Settember will be signing autographs at the event.

The Reno Historic Races run daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets cost $15 for the three-day event. Tickets are available at the Reno-Fernley Raceway; at the National Automobile Museum, 10 S. Lake St. in Reno; and at Dynamic Motorsports, 9728 S. Virginia St. #C in Reno.

The event is a fund raiser for The National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection), located in downtown Reno. The National Automobile Museum is an internationally recognized museum and a nonprofit organization whose mission is to collect and preserve the automobile for future generations, and to tell the story of the impact of the automobile on American society. The 105,000 square foot museum features changing exhibits, four period street scenes, and more than 200 antique, vintage, classic and special interest vehicles ranging from 1892 to present.

The Reno Historic Races are produced and sanctioned by the Historic Motor Sports Association (HMSA). Established in 1977, HMSA is an organization specializing in race events that feature historic cars through 1972. HMSA emphasizes the preservation and proper use of historic race cars.

For more information about H Modified and the history leading up to DSR, see the
[ Vintage Page ]

For discussion about H Modified, including participation in the Reno Historic Races, visit the
[ H Modified Yahoo Group ]

For more information about the Reno Historic Races, call 818-249-3515 or visit
[ ]

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Huge H Mod Gathering in Early 2007

Pass the word and drag those old cars out of the garage. Plans are underway for the largest H Mod event in history, to occur during the spring of 2007 at a West Coast race track.

Marty Stein, who is coordinating the race group, has been working with the Historic Motor Sports Association (HMSA) to secure a dedicated race group for small displacement sports racers. The location will most likely be Laguna Seca, and will take place in the April time frame. Marty says “This thing is really snowballing. I'm sure not everyone who is interested will actually enter, but we have over 30 potential entries with 24 already expressing interest.”

Car eligibility is per HMSA's normal classes:
Class B-2: 1947-1955 Sports Racing cars under 1500cc
Class C-1: 1955-1960 Sports Racing cars under 2000cc
Class D: 1959-1965 Sports Racing cars

Car preparation will be to HMSA car prep rules, which are pretty straightforward and should not be a problem for anyone with vintage club affiliation. If you have any questions about car eligability or tire requirements, contact Marty Stein.

Driver eligibility is also per HMSA driver prep rules. All vintage clubs belong to the Vintage Motorsports Council (VMC), and thus any recognized club affiliation will suffice. VMC or other licenses are NOT required. Neither is HMSA membership ... only payment of the entry fee.

The tentative entry list already includes:

  • Don Racine
Beach Mk IVB
  • John Rankin
  • Jamie Pfiefer
  • Rich Campbell
Brand X-Saab
  • Charles Christ
Crosley Hotshot
  • Marylou Robson
  • Mark Brinker
  • Stephan Booth
Fiat-Crosley Special
  • Bill McCann
  • David Lambert
Jabro MkI-Crosley
  • Lou Pavesi
Kangaroo MkI-Fiat
  • Fred and Annie Plotkin
LeGrand MkII-Fiat
  • AA "Gus" Chofre
  • Franklin Rudolph
Nardi Frua-Crosley
  • Don Baldocchi
Nichols Fairchild-Panhard
  • Don Racine
  • Lee Osborn
Siata 300BC
  • -Fiat: Gary Winiger
  • -Crosley: Marylou Robson
  • -Crosley: Marty Stein
  • T-5: Gene Leasure
  • J.F. Boone
Thundermug (Dale Tholen's)
  • Chuck Wood
  • Rich Campbell

If you are interesting in participating in this race group, either
join the H Mod Yahoo discussion group, or contact Marty Stein via email at .

Historic Motor Sports Association is one of the most respected historic racing organizations in the United States, producing world class events across the country. HMSA members own, restore, preserve and race the most historic and valuable sports and racing cars in the world.
HMSA events feature historic production cars built through 1966 and purpose built Formula, Sports Racing and IMSA cars built through 1984.

HMSA was created in 1977 to serve as the sanctioning body for premiere historic racing events such as the world famous Monterey Historic Automobile Races and mandates that the cars race as they were and not what they could have been (historically correct within time period the car originally raced).

[ HMSA ]

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