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Dubury Chassis

H Modified, DSR


Engine: 1100cc BMC "A" in DSR trim

Builder: Ed Alsbury

Current Owner: Mark Binkin of San Diego, CA, purchased the car from Curt Anderson of Prescott, AZ in November of 2004 and plans to race the car with VARA in 2005.

The name Dubury is derived from the names Dick Durant and Ed Alsbury. It’s not clear what the relationship was between Alsbury and Durant other than that Dick was a driver.

Ed Alsbury and James Broadwell designed and built the Jabro. Ed Alsdury later designed and built the Alsbury, then the Dubury.

Bryan Cohn, SCCA Club Racing Manager in 2004, says, "I watched the Dubury DSR race as a kid at MAR in Wentzville, MO. It had the 3 cylinder SAAB 2 stroke engine originally. Dick and Ed were a cool bunch of characters!"

The Dubury raced in the later part of its active life as a DSR.

In the car's current DSR configuration, it has:
  • Modified Alsbury frame
  • BMC A engine (1100 cc)
  • VW transmission
  • Fiat brakes and steering
  • Warren fiberglass body
  • Curt thinks the Dubury in its early years remained essentially an Alsbury. At some point the original frame was cut in half and a large roll bar was added in response to the revised SCCA rules.  "What other changes were made, who knows?"

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    body_on.jpg (28669 bytes)

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    left_rear.jpg (132775 bytes)
    BMC "A" engine
    as last raced in DSR

    rear.jpg (133945 bytes)

    right_rear.jpg (131574 bytes)


    Curt thinks the switch to the BMC engine was made after the car had retired from SCCA competition. In any case, it was very late in the cars history before Curt got the car.

    Information and photos above provided by Curt Anderson of Prescott, AZ.

    January 30, 2005 update

    "Well after a few changes and modifications to fit a 6 footer, the 'Dubury Special' returned to the track yesterday (albeit for the lunch time drive around … about 8 or 9 laps at California Speedway). If I remember right, this may be one of the few or only times since the late 70's … and 3 owners later, that the car has seen the track. Aside from a few leaking oil hoses and a over filled transaxle, things went pretty well. However, I experienced an intermittent front end shimmy at speed (max speed during the lunch drive around may be 60-70 ). It went away when I slowed a bit and never really figured any rhyme or reason … it happened a couple of times on the oval and one of the straights on the infield. In getting the car ready for the upcoming VARA season, I mainly concentrated on the engine and cockpit. Well now its time for the suspension and steering. Paperwork I got from Curt when I bought the car shows notes from one of the previous owners indicating 1/16th toe in on the front 1/4" on the rear and no caster/camber ride height notes. Admittedly none of the corners were the same the front toe settings were way off and way different from each other ….One of the tech guys noted that the caster also looked way too much.

    From my notes the car has a Fiat 600 steering box, modified Crosley split beam front axles, and Fiat 850 brakes."

    Thanks again, Mark


    1968 ARRC

    The 1968 American Road Race of Champions (SCCA's national championship at the time) was held on November 19-24 at Riverside Raceway, CA. The 18 lap DSR race covered 46.8 miles in 32 minutes, 0.9 seconds for an average speed of 88.0 MPH. Dick Durant of Mission, Kansas competed one lap in the race and was noted as "Did not finish" in his Dubury-Saab.



    1968 ARRC
    Race Results

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