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Alsbury Special Chassis

H Modified

MK III Introduction

Engine: Mercury outboard, 50 bhp

Transaxle: Fiat 600

Wheelbase: 80"

Suspension: Homemade coil/shocks units, split tube front axle (early Allard style)

Weight: 685 pounds wet

Weight split F/R: 40% / 60%

Builder: Ed Alsbury

Current Owner: ?

Ed Alsbury and James Broadwell designed the Jabro. In 1959 Broadwell left the partnership while Alsbury continued on until the mid-sixties. In 1960 the original Jabro design was changed to a rear engine Alsbury racer. A later evolution was the Dubury.


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A Hot Rod Magazine article from June 1963 provided the text
images and photos.
The article was
forwarded by
Curt Anderson

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