Thursday, December 20, 2007

Juno Racing USA Formed

Juno UK Managing Director, Ewan Baldry, agreed to terms with Chris Hall for Chris to become their sole US distributor and form Juno Racing USA. Chris is a very experienced racer/coach/instructor and owner of his own race shop based in Daytona Beach, Florida. He was born in London, UK and has now lived and raced in the US for 13 years. Over the past 5 years Chris’s specialty has been the sports racer class making him an expert in this field.

The Cars

Juno design race winning, innovative and beautifully engineered race cars. Their race winning chassis has been designed using state of the art Computer Aided Design techniques allied to considerable on-track experience. The cars can run in a variety of sports racing championships world wide including the V de V, Britsports, PBOC Florida, NASA Pro Racing, FARA USA etc.

Q: How much is a Juno?

A: It all depends on the configuration. A basic Juno TR220 track day car starts at $85,000 and climbs to $150,000 plus for the ultra fast 400 HP Juno Jaguar. The Juno chassis design is universal for every combination of engine, enabling a basic Juno TR220 to be upgraded to a 250 HP Ford or 400 HP Jaguar engine economically.

Q: Where can I race a Juno in the USA?

A: There are several organizations that have a class for all Juno chassis engine combinations. N.A.S.A., PBOC Florida, FARA USA etc. If you want to compete in SCCA Juno can configure a specification to meet CSR rules.

Q: Does Juno make a car specifically for the track day market?

A: Yes. The Juno 220 HP Ford Duratec TR220 engine was designed for the prolific track day market. To this effect it is fitted with two seats enabling the driver to give family or friends the "hot lap" of their life!! The Juno TR220 is also an excellent training car for teaching and coaching purposes.

Q: How will spares and support be handled?

A: Juno Racing USA will carry a comprehensive supply of parts at it’s Daytona Beach, Florida location with immediate back up from the UK. Juno Racing USA along with it’s sister company Competition Source can also provide track side support for the Juno owner.

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